Friday, February 24, 2012

Cowabunga! Mark Torres Ninjas Into Town!

Local comic fans have been so spoilt lately!

Just as Stephen Segovia popped by in early January to grace the official opening of Invasion! Toys & Collectibles, his fellow Filipino compadre Mark Torres soon will make his way to Red Dot Island.

Mark Torres is scheduled to make a special appearance at Invasion! on March 9th and 10th (Fri/ Sat). Time to be announced.

If one is not yet familiar with Mark's varied and vibrant art styles, check out his deviantart page! Red Dot Diva loves how the perspectives in his art make them seem almost 3-dimensional. Especially the one called BATMAN vs ZOMBIES above! Personally, she has never seen Batman soooo "Diva-fuchsia-cool"! Heh.

Mark's latest work is going to be featured in IDW Publishing's comic, "Infestation 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1" - due for release on first week of March, with issue #2 following very soon after. He has also worked in the very Asian anthology, "Liquid City Vol. 2" and IDW's "Zombies vs. Robots: Undercity #1-4".

To "mark" his visit here, there are lots of fun and goodies that fans and collectors can get and take part in. Check these out!

- Pre-order limited art prints of BATMAN vs ZOMBIES, numbered and signed by Mark Torres. Only 20 pieces! First come, first served! Red Dot Diva heard that Mark will personalize each print with a one of kind sketch! W00t!

- Pre-order a copy of "Infestation 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 - #2" at Invasion! store now ! Then, bring those precious babies along to the event to have them sketched and personalized by Mark Torres himself!

- Take part in the Mark Torres event interactive and viral sticker-treasure hunt! (Red Dot Diva is pretty sure Mark is quite interactive himself, but that would be another story. Ahem.)

Whatz these stickers you are talking about, Diva?

Well, Team Invasion! have sneakily put up 6 groovy street-arty posters of Mark's artworks around town. So, go look for these stickers placed in some obvious spots, and take photos of yourself together with the sticker that you've spotted.

Upload those piccies to Facebook, LIKE the Invasion FB page and and tag Invasion's on the photos taken!

The 1st 10 folks to find all 6 stickers and have FB-posted/ tagged them will receive a free gift (most probably a special Mark Torres sketch) at the event.

Here's a sample of the posters below:

To check out what the other 5 posters look like, hunt around digitally as well on 5 other local pop-culture blogs! If one is a pop-culture fan here, you will know now which popular blogs to click to!

More refinement of the contest rules / regulations should be at Invasion's page soon. Also, do check out more details of Mark's visit at their FB event page!

Or if all else fails, email with your very nosy enquiries. Red Dot Diva is sure Da Boss Alwyn will have an answer!

See ya there at the event!

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