Sunday, February 26, 2012

SDCC 2012: Cancel All Plans! Stay By Your Computers!

A couple of days ago, the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) folks sent out emails to everyone who has a Member ID advising them to keep watch about the opening of online registrations, which will be happening REAL SOON.

On their General Information page, they mentioned that "badge sales will begin sometime after the Comic-Con Member ID registration website closes on February 28th, 2012."

So, for those who haven't got a pre-reg ticket at last year's convention... it's time to get your act together and prepare to snap up those passes! CANCEL All Plans!! And Stay By your Computers!

Tickets do sell out *really* quickly. And there will be a very high probability that the servers may stall and get jammed with the insane amount of traffic.

Red Dot Diva knows of friends who form a network/ alliance beforehand. Try asking friends who are going to SDCC to help out with registration as well, and keep each other in the loop during the process.

If you have a troop of minions, well, then lucky you. You could put each of them in front of computers and get them to do all the waiting and dirty work. Make sure they don't fall asleep.

For those who are more spiritual, you might want to try sacrificing one or two (rare male) virgins.
Other than that .... here are some important pointers:

Member ID
Red Dot Diva is assuming that by now, you should already have your Member ID from SDCC's online registration page. This is IMPORTANT. Having a Member ID does not guarantee that you will be able to get a SDCC pass though. But if you haven't got a Member ID yet, you will not even be able to proceed through the ticket online registration process! So, get a Member ID before the registration ends on 28th February!

Email Notification
Keep an eye out for the next information email from SDCC so that you will know exactly when registration opens. Make sure to check your junk/ spam email box to ensure that the important emails do not end up there by mistake.

Registration Process
Do CLICK HERE to read SDCC's helpful hints and guide about the registration process.

SDCC is using the online portal EPIC again for registration. I hope they have learn from last year's online registration mess and made vast improvements to the way things are run this year.

Based on the .pdf guide, when you enter the registration page, you will have to log in with your Member ID. After which, you will be "directed into a "waiting room" or holding page that will show your place in the queue.  You are NOT to refresh or open a new browser at this point in time!

When you reach the front of the line, you will enter a registration "room" where you will need to enter your Member ID and last name for verification.

One person can register up to 6 people total but you will need all their Member IDs and last names too.

Here's another option - if you are interested in getting more involved on the ground at the convention itself, why not sign up as a Volunteer? Space is limited though, and priority will be given to returning volunteers. No harm trying though, and Red Dot Diva knows of friends who find volunteering to be rewarding by itself.

Red Dot Diva knows that folks are beginning to feel excited and nervous about getting these coveted SDCC passes.
Glue Your Eyes On The Screen

(Not literally, of course.)

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