Monday, May 2, 2011

Justin Harley Directed Zod's Return in "Smallville"

"Kneeeeeeel....Before Zod."

Red Dot Diva thinks that Callum Blue just reels that phrase off his tongue so snarlingly sexy in that rich British accent of his. Mmm hmmm...

Yes, peeps. Phantom Zone's resident leader, General Zod, was back in last week's "Smallville" episode entitled "Dominion", simmering with mean scruffiness in his medieval-cyber-punk wear. He has even managed to Ikea-himself a throne of bones and skulls, and made friends with some slinky albino pythons. Count Red Dot Diva impressed and ready to kneel.

She is even more impressed when she learnt that the well-paced episode was the directorial debut of "Smallville"'s very own (and Red Dot Diva's favourite character) Green Arrow - Justin Hartley.

Not only did Oliver and Zod re-appeared in this episode, there was a return to the storyline about Oliver's Omega mark, Zod's fate, Darkseid's plans and Clark's destiny. Red Dot Diva expects that this will all inevitably tie in to what will happen in the series two-hour finale on May 13th.

With Justin behind the lens, Phantom Zone was cast in a gritty blue tinge with lens flares galore which gave an other-worldly feel to that dimension. Red Dot Diva was pleased to note that those Star Trek-y lens flares were not too distracting for her. She would have been very annoyed if they detracted her attention from watching Callum, Justin (who sadly, wasn't shirtless... ) and Clark interact on screen.

The best parts of the episode have to be the well-executed gladiator fight scenes that were filmed slow-mo - a tribute to Starz' "Spartacus" series or "300" - complete with flying blood splatters. Of course, the sight of Clark and Oliver hacking it out in the arena, donned in gladiatorial wear was something to feast one's eyes on.

Just before the episode aired last Friday, Justin seemed hyper and excited about the "Dominion" episode on his Twitter account (even though it has not yet been Verified). He later tweeted: "Glad you guys and ladies out east liked it. We worked really hard on we always do. Thanks for the support twitter island. J"

Check out the trailer for "Dominion" below to see how it was like to get back to the Phantom Zone:


To Justin - A job done superbly!!

Red Dot Diva would definitely love to see more of Justin's work in front and behind the camera beyond "Smallville".

Which sadly...  only has 2 episodes left! *sob*

"Smallville" fans -- how should one drown one's sorrows when the series ends?


Credit: Pics are from CW Network's website.

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