Friday, May 20, 2011

Partying the "Lucid" Hardcover Release - LA Style!

Michael McMillian
When Archaia said there was going to be free drinks at the "Lucid" Vol. 1 Hardcover release party at Golden Apple comics store in LA, they sure weren't kidding!

"Lucid" is a graphic novel created by Michael McMillian (that vamp-hating Rev Steve Newlin in "True Blood"), who is a long-time friend of Before The Door (BTD) Productions.

The graphic novel series is a collaboration between BTD and publishing company Archaia, and tells the action-packed story of Matthew Dee - a powerful covert spy-mage with a perpetual sexy bedhead (of course, Red Dot Diva notices!) - who strives to protect the humankind from very evil conspiracies of a magickal nature.

Anna Wieszczyk, who lives in Poland, is the graphic novel's artist. And that is why she couldn't make it for most of the USA-based events. Perhaps one day, fans will get to meet her in person, huh?

The special collectors' hardcover edition includes a foreword by Alan Ball ("True Blood", "Six Feet Under") and a sigil guide, which many fans have been clamouring for since the 1st issue of "Lucid" was released!!

On the same day as the party, famous BTD-er Zachary Quinto ("Star Trek", "Heroes") also signed copies of the "Lucid" hardcovers at Midtown Comics in NYC. Check out sister blog, Zachary Quinto's Biceps for the round-up of the day's events!

Red Dot Diva's twitter friend, @theReal_Rebel found the time to attend the book signing at Golden Apple. Both Michael McMillian and the comic's letterer, Shawn DePasquale were at the book signing amongst some other famous guests!

Here's her short blurb on the evening's events!


Sipping drinks and munching chips at Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood, enthusiastic fans of the graphic novel "Lucid" (published by Archaia Comics/Before the Door Production.) were treated to a signing of the Hardcover collection by author actor/writer Michael McMillian ("True Blood") and letterer Shawn DePasquale. Artwork for "Lucid" is done by Anna Wieszczyk, who was unfortunately not in attendance.

Happily and very kindly, this particular dynamic duo answered wide ranging questions from speculations on what was happening next on the HBO series (Michael) to why someone who's bought the single issues should buy the hardcover (Shawn).

Sure, ask the Letterer all the hard questions ;D

Shawn answered in three words: "Alan Ball Forward" and added "because now its all in one handy, nifty volume." Good points.

Not only easier to read, the Hardcover was remarkably spill resistant to my drink as I was quickly cleaned up by Shawn's lovely lady. Will there be more "Lucid"? Stay tuned.

Other Notables in attendance included Michael's "True Blood" colleagues: Deborah Anne Woll; Anna Camp; and actor Rhys Coiro (Entourage, 24); CBR's Executive Producer/Owner Jonah Weiland, Golden Apple Owner Ryan Liebowitz; and Director of Marketing for Arcahia Mel Caylo.

Michael and Deborah Ann Woll

Shawn DePasquale pimping the Lucid hardcover

Jonah Weiland and Mel Caylo

Michael and a very young fan!


It sure seemed like a laid back, cool release party. And Red Dot Diva had a superb excuse to *Squee* because @theReal_Rebel got a "Lucid" HC signed for her. Lookie here!! :D

Thanks to @theReal_Rebel! And many MWAHS to Michael and Shawn, and to the awesome-ness of Before The Door and Archaia.

Oh, and Red Dot Diva announces that Michael McMillian just started a new Facebook page so that fans can stay connected to him and his work. Go "Like" it!


Credit: All pics belong to @theReal_Rebel

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