Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Comic Book Day At the Equator!

It's gonna be a Fun Fun Fun day tomorrow, the 1st Saturday of May!

Red Dot Diva isn't talking about the voting for Red Dot Island's government. That is vewwy seeeeeriiiious business.

She's talking about another kind of business of a more gleefully geeky nature.

Tomorrow, it is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Yippeee!

And this year, FCBD gets way Hotter at the Equator. A number of book stores around Singapore are participating in this event - two of them for the very first time!

Kinokuniya Main Store
Say Huzzah!!!!! Red Dot Diva's favourite book store, Kinokuniya, will be participating in FCBD for the first time tommorow!

Kinokuniya privilege card members just need to show their membership cards and collect a set of free comics between 10.00 a.m. and 12 noon at the main store. Limited to one set per member only. There is also 20% off comics in all languages!

Wait, there's more! Folks can also meet Star Wars Stormtroopers from the 501st Legion - Singapore Garrison and buy tickets for "Coraline in 3D" and "The Making of Coraline" at a special price.

Click here for the promo image!

Pic by GnB Comics
GnB Comics
GnB Comics - a popular local comic book store - has celebrated FCBD before and last year's event was quite a cool rad party.

This year, they have comics galore to giveaway to non-members and members tomorrow from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Just check out the range that is waiting to be picked up by excited comic book fans!! AHHHHH!

In addition, comic artist Gary Erskine will be available for a signing and sketching session from 1 pm to 4 pm! Not only is Gary a well-known comic book artist, he has also drawn character designs and storyboards for TV, games and commercials.

Fans can choose to purchase a range of Gary's comics which will be available at GnB. They are the "Dan Dare", "Captain America" or "The Filth" titles.

So visit GnB tomorrow and give Gary a warm Singaporean welcome!

Harris Books' new store at 313 Somerset is called Planerds. In conjunction with FCBD, Planerds will be having its grand opening celebration this weekend. And of course, there will be lots and lots of free comics to be given away too!

Geeks and geekettes who visit the store dressed as their favourite comic book characters will get 20% off their purchases!

Quite a few local comic creators will be there too for autograph and sketching sessions. The list includes Dave Chua, Koh Hong Teng, Jerry Hinds and Sonny Liew - just to name a few.

Even STGCC's organizer Reed Exhibitions is getting into the FCBD-fun.

A special Gilamon Studio hamper, consisting of a Major Zombie T-shirt (signed by Tan Eng Huat) and a graphic novel - SIX: The Rebirth (signed by Tan Eng Huat and Chin Sau Lim), is up for grabs!

All one needs to do is to head to their official website and tell them who one's favourite superhero or supervillain is.

Red Dot Diva knows of friends who will be visiting all 3 of the book stores mentioned above. It should be a colourful FCBD tomorrow with so many fun things to look do!

Come join the FCBD party and mingle with like-minded friends or go and make new ones. Or maybe, one can simply indulge and gawk at the cosplay!

And if one spots Red Dot Diva in the midst of all the geekery, don't be shy .... just come over and say hi! ;)

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