Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New NBC Series - Fairy Tales of "Grimm"

'Twas the season for much awaited news on the upfronts and USA Fall TV schedules.

This is the time where some new series are slated for premiere; some would have been sadly/ gladly (take one's pick) cancelled.

So far, Red Dot Diva noted that NBC - the TV network that many fans are still angry at ("Heroes" anyone?) - had decided to not go ahead with "Wonder Woman". Which of all strange reasons was to be helmed by David E. Kelley. As experienced as he may be, Kelley who is more well-known for dramedy "Ally McBeal", "L.A. Law" and "The Practice", just did not seem to be a good fit for a super-heroine character like "Wonder Woman".

NBC has also not gone ahead with "17th Precinct" - the supernatural-cop show that featured many BSG alums. (Read Red Dot Diva's previous post on "17th Precinct" here.)

And the struggling network had also announced cancellations for both its fated superheroes/ scifi-related series "The Cape" and "The Event". Things just didn't seem to be working very well for their programming slate.

However, that didn't deter NBC from picking up more supernatural-related shows like "Awake" and "Grimm".

"Awake" (Jason Isaacs) is about a cop who finds himself living in two parallel realities after a car accident.

But "Grimm", for some reason or other, is the series that seems to be picking up some undercurrent buzz. For one thing, it's produced and written by one of the best in this genre David Greenwalt - of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" fame!

The new series focuses around a cop who found out that he is possibly the last descendant of the Grimms (those darkish fairy-tale scribes of old) and is able to see monsters and weird creatures from another magical dimension that others can't. That is to say, one better believes that Rumpelstiltskin actually exists. Hopefully not in one's backyard.

Check out the rather revealing 4-minute trailer here. It really is not so much a teaser as a build-up to the pilot!

The series kinda reminds Red Dot Diva of that Terry Brooks book series which she loved - "The Magic Kingdom of Landover". But with more blood and horror.

David Guintoli
Actor David Guintoli, who is playing the lead character Nick Burkhardt, seems like a handsome mix of Zachary Quinto's Gabriel Gray and CW "Nikita"'s earnest-looking, Noah Bean. From the trailer, he looked pretty convincing as a regular dude trying to battle and save the world from fairy-tale monsters. As cheesy as that may sound on text.

Another woohooo! thing about "Grimm" is that tall, talented Sasha Roiz of "Caprica" fame will be starring in the series as Captain Ericson. Sasha has a chameleon-like ability to take on various kinds of a characters and is entertaining to watch on screen, so having him on the series is something Red Dot Diva is definitely excited about.

The other actors in "Grimm" are Russell Hornsby (Lincoln Heights) as Lt. Hank Griffin, Bitsie Tulloch (Quarterlife) as Juliette, Silas Weir Mitchell (Prison Break) as Monroe and Reggie Lee (Persons Unknown) as Sgt Wu.

Well.. who knows? Maybe NBC will get it right this time. Although, Red Dot Diva forsees that there will be a heated battle for eyeballs on Friday nights, with Fox's "Fringe" and even CW's "Supernatural" airing on the same day.

One thing for sure - things are definitely gonna get off-worldly-weird on Fridays! BOO!

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  1. This looks kind of intriguing, but it's: 1) up against Fringe and 2) on NBC, lol :D

    So it looks like I'll most likely be downloading it to check it out. We'll see what happens. Still bummed about 17th Precinct though.