Friday, April 1, 2011

Meeting Michael McMillian at Planet Comicon

Michael McMillian, pic by Sheree Miller
So...  there was this cozy comic con called Planet Comicon held at the Overland Park International Trade Center, Kansas last weekend, where a bunch of celebs and comic creators were there to meet their KS fans.

Some of the guests included Star Wars folks like Daniel Logan, Ray Park, Tom Kane, comic writer fan-fave Gail Simone, the "Bionic Woman" Lindsay Wagner.

By listing some of these guests on this blog post, Red Dot Diva knows that she's making her Twitter friend @JWalkIV consider some more regretful self-flagellation. He has been living in KS and didn't know about last weekend's convention!!

Guess @JWalkIV might have to work harder at next year's Planet Comicon so that he can bring in the convention news "live" from Kansas!

One other well-known guest who attended Planet Comicon is KS homeboy, Michael McMillian - actor from the wildly popular HBO TV show "True Blood" , and now, a comic book writer for "Lucid" and the latest "True Blood" graphic novel series.

Ever the nosy fangirl regarding pop-culture going-ons, Red Dot Diva was nicely surprised and absolutely delighted when a young fan from Kansas made contact with her through YouTube last weekend.

An ardent convention attendee and autograph-collector, 21-year-old Jeremy Scherle recounts his experience meeting Michael McMillian at one of his signings during Planet Comicon:

"I have been collecting autographs since I was 16 and I have gone to this convention since I was 18.

I have had a lot of fun getting autographs and meeting people and getting to talk and learn about them. I voluntered at the foundry when I was still in school so I got to met a lot of bands and video tape and take pics of them.

That is what I do on the side now - video tape and photograph bands.

I first learned about Michael McMillian when I watched an episode of "8 Simple Rules" a few years ago. I knew he was going to be a good actor and had talent from what I saw. I have been a fan of both his movie career and comic books for a while.

There wasn't a line when Mr. McMillian arrived so I asked him if I could get two autographs and video tape him signing them. He was very happy to be signing and talking about the show with me. He said he liked going to shows because it reminded him of when he was a kid going to them. He was wanting to look around the show at every one else's stuff.

He was cool and great to talk to and I got to learn about him and his work. Some of his family lives here he visits and talks to them quite often.

I was really happy to have met him and I am glad I got his autograph last weekend!

Here's a vid of Jeremy talking to Michael at the autograph session:

And do check out Jeremy's YouTube channel if one wants to get a peek of who else he met at the convention!

Red Dot Diva has a new FB friend Sheree who attended Planet Comicon with her family too. Sheree took some cool cosplay pics from the con, and that nice one of Michael McMillian at the top of this page:

Cutie Daniel Logan, pic by Sheree Miller
Jack Sparrow in KS?!, pic by Sheree Miller
Mr Freeze!, pic by Sheree Miller

After the convention, Michael McMillian tweeted: Thanks, KC! Great Con. Hope you enjoy the True Blood and LUCID comics as much as I enjoyed meeting you.

Michael will next make an appearance at this weekend's Wondercon to do signings at both IDW's and Archaia's booths for "True Blood" and "Lucid" comics! Don't miss the chance to meet this awfully sweet guy if one is attending Wondercon at Moscone Center South, San Francisco!


Thanks to Jeremy and Sheree for the lovely contributions!


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