Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spacey To Be In Singapore?

Wa... Wut? WUT!!?

The theatre geek in Red Dot Diva is positively Squee-ing.

Last year, it was announced that Oscar-award winning veteran actor Kevin Spacey will be starring in the titular role in William Shakespeare's "Richard III".

Mr Spacey - who was last seen hob-nobbing with his co-stars and director of indie movie "Margin Call" at the Sundance Festival - is the Artistic Director of The Old Vic. He is involved in the Bridge Project together with friend and well-known director, Sam Mendes. In fact, Sam will be the director for the Shakespearean play.

The Bridge Project is a special three-year partnership between The Old Vic and American counterparts - Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Neal Street Productions. The project aspires to bring actors from both sides of the Atlantic to act in classical plays. Like those by Shakespeare and Chekhov.

Locally on the Red Dot Island, the Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) had put an investment in the Bridge Project. And the two companies have brought in their play productions to the country for the last couple of years.

In 2009, the first of the co-productions, "The Winter's Tale" was held at the Esplanade. The play brought yummy American actor Ethan Hawke to the island together with other cast members, Simon Russell Beale, Sinéad Cusack, Rebecca Hall, Josh Hamilton and Richard Easton.

Last year, the Bridge Project/ SRT whipped "The Tempest" to the island's shores, with the "ice-truck killer-turned-slave-sprite" Christian Camargo as Ariel.

Red Dot Diva was at the Esplanade for both productions and they were both magical experiences. Only an apocalypse will stop her from being there for this year's "Richard III"! After all, this will also be the Bridge Project's final season.

"Richard III" will kick off at The Old Vic, London on 29th June 2011, and after which, an international tour will commence, wrapping up in New York's Harvey Theatre some time in January 2012.

SRT has yet to formally announce the Singapore dates, but Red Dot Diva has nosily gleaned the internet and found rumoured stage dates to be 17th to 26th November 2011!!

The full cast of the play has not been announced yet.

This was what Kevin Spacey tweeted yesterday:
"Finally after so much travel, events, etc nearly a month to myself! Excited about HOUSE of CARDS w/Fincher and @Netflix, and training for RIII."

To those who are clueless, RIII = Richard III. Geddit?

So, mark your calendars theatre lovers! Don't think one would want to miss seeing Mr Spacey performing on stage right here in the Red Dot Island!!


  1. Thanks for the update! I'm going to make sure I'm not overseas when Mr. Spacey returns to S'pore. Met him at an Audi event last December. He's extremely gracious, and such an inspiring speaker. :)

  2. I wish I can meet him.
    you're lucky.
    Maybe we can bump into each other for the next Bridge Project event :)

  3. I almost couldn't get passes. Lucky break 'cos my dad received an invitation and I found out only at the last minute.

    Just received a personal snail mail reply from Mr. Spacey last week, in response to my fan letter which I passed to him when we met. Very warm and appreciative, floored me completely!

    No idea if I'll get to speak to him again when he's back with The Bridge Project. Maybe you can drop me an email closer to the date, in case something opens up. :)

    [ ]

  4. Spacey is a classy dude, that's all I can say.

    I'm going to just drop you a note from my email.. so that we can stay in touch.