Thursday, April 7, 2011

Truly Bloody, Magically Lucid Interview With Michael McMillian

@calowder and Michael McMillian at Wondercon
Since Red Dot Diva lacks the supervillain ability to simultaneously own rich financial bounties and astral project to be at two places at one time, she has to rely on fantastic, equally geeky friends to stalk cool folks at various conventions.

SF-based friends @calowder and @douglowder were at Wondercon last weekend and enjoyed themselves tremendously. They also took up the Red Dot Diva Perv Challenge, and managed to get some very cute and interesting interview footage with actor/ comic writer and creator Michael McMillian!

Here is @calowder's introduction to the really nice interview video (which was filmed and neatly edited by @douglowder):

"I attended WonderCon in San Francisco during the first weekend in April 2011. It was an amazing event!! While I was there, I had the great opportunity to interview Michael McMillian, writer and creator of the "Lucid" comic book series (Archaia) and now a writer for the "True Blood" series (IDW).

I caught up with him while he was signing "Lucid" comics at the extremely busy Archaia booth on Saturday afternoon. He was gracious, informative and very fun to interview!

Michael talked about the "Lucid" book and the future of the series, the "True Blood" series, and an acting project that he just completed. Fans of "Lucid" should buy the book coming out this month and let Archaia and Before the Door Productions know that we want to see more!! Hopefully I will have the good fortune of seeing Michael, and more of his work, again in the very near future!"

To add in the mandatory fangirl squee, Red Dot Diva thinks Michael seemed to be in absolutely good spirits and so totally adorkable!

She is definitely getting her hands on the "Lucid" hardcover. If anyone wants to do a review of the "True Blood" comic "Tainted Love", tweet her!


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