Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"NCIS" - Mystery Bf No More

NCIS Agent Ziva David's (Cote de Pablo) romantic liaisons have always been rather mysterious. There was the one with Ziva's Mossad partner, Rivkin. That didn't end too well as he ended up being killed by Special Agent Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) at Ziva's apartment.

The unfortunate event caused a huge rift between the two bickering colleagues and saw Ziva being "returned" to Daddy in Israel.

When Ziva was rescued from Somalia and came back to NCIS, several hints about an American boyfriend was made throughout the last two seasons. He has been so cryptically referred to that Red Dot Diva began to half-wonder if Ziva was just pulling a long-drawn prank on Tony, or if a boyfriend truly existed. And if he existed, will he ever make an appearance at all. (Just count how many equally mysterious "face-less" red-heads there were in Gibb's life!!)

Well, NCIS Fans -- wonder no more.

In the April 5th episode "Two-Faced" just aired this week, "Da Boyfriend" has been revealed to be CIA agent, Ray Cruz - played by the handsome Enrique Murciano. Enrique was previously seen acting as FBI Special Agent Danny Taylor in the popular TV series "Without A Trace" which was unfortunately cancelled in 2009.

With his Cuban good looks, Red Dot Diva is sure that things are going to heat up in NCIS when Ray is finally introduced to the team. It'll definitely be fun to watch Tony get testosteronally jealous. Plus, Ziva is a beautiful strong woman, and Red Dot Diva would love to see her a little blushingly softer and in some hot, romantic scenes.

Anyway, no spoilers here ... 'coz Red Dot Diva hasn't got her dirty paws on the episode yet. But one can bet that her paws will hook on to this week's episode pretty soon! :D

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