Monday, March 7, 2011

SDCC and NYCC - Hotel Registrations

Already one of the lucky buggers who got a SDCC 2011 ticket?

Soon, it will be time to figure out where one will be staying during that weekend! And start gathering your choice roomies!

Comic Con's online hotel registration opens on March 9th at 9 am PST. One can read the information and instructions here at Comic Con's website. The organizer is also offering a sneak peak of the hotel list and the special room rates on the same link.

Unlike last year, Red Dot Diva noted that one can now attempt to reserve up to 20 hotels for the weekend. Also, once the reservation is confirmed, one has to foot a deposit for at least one night's room + tax for each room booked.

Red Dot Diva wonders if this year's hotel reservations will be as glitchy as last year's. Her friend @eserei27 tried to book for a choice hotel last year but discovered that those who booked later than her got their rooms instead, and she didn't.

Judging from this year's SDCC messy ticket registration process, Red Dot Diva feels wary about how smooth it will be. She still hopes that it will be an improved booking process for those who are going to SDCC and need hotel rooms!

Across the continent in NYC, hotel rooms are also available for booking right now for NYCC.

NYCC is using Travel Planners as the Official Housing Partner and they are assuring that fans will be getting the lowest rates for the list of hotels during this event. There is also no prepayment required when one is registering for a hotel room.

It seems though, that one just might get better rates at other travel websites, like Travelocity?

It will be Red Dot Diva's first time to NYC if she heads there for the convention later this year. She will again, leave the hotel scouting and reservation to her trusty friend and convention-roomie @eserei27. Well, she *hopes* @eserei27 is trustworthy .. and won't pimp Red Dot Diva out at the nearest ghetto alley.

Both Red Dot Diva and @eserei27 do prefer a hotel quite near to a convention's venue despite the costs involved. This is because they are fervently active convention participants and are well aware that after a day's hectic events, more often than not, one just want to 'crawl to the nearest bed'.

If anyone has a good recommendation on where one should stay for NYCC, or think they can get cheaper rates not using NYCC's booking system, feel free to post a comment right here!


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