Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GnB Comics' Charity Drive for Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun.

Home of Hello Kitty, Gundam, Totoro, Astro Boy, Godzilla, anime, manga, kimonos, ramen, kobe beef and wasabi And much more.

A country besieged by the 8.9 Ricter earthquake last week that caused an equally devastating tsunami, which in turn, triggered fires and explosions at their nuclear reactors.

Oh, Japan! :(

Red Dot Diva is sure that hearts are aching for the country and its people!

Local comics store, GnB Comics is doing their part to help the people of Japan in their time of need.

A charity drive will be held for 3 days from 17th - 19th March (Thursday to Saturday), where there will be a 1-for-1 graphic novel sale. It is also a USD$1 for SING $1 Graphic Novel sale, and there is 20% off all-in-stock Merchandise.

5% of the sales proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Some details of the sale:
- Not valid for Reservations/pre-ordered Graphic novels.
- Not valid for comic single issues
- Not valid for new items arriving this week and offer items
- For GnB Gift Vouchers, 5% of Proceeds will also go to the Japanese Red Cross

Where is GnB Comics?
Block 1 Rochor Center
Singapore 180001

The folks across the neighbourly straits, the kind dudes from Gilamon Studios are also contributing to the charity drive!

Buy an issue of their comics "Major Zombie" or "Six Rebirth" at a special price of S$20 each and 25% of the proceeds will be going to the Japanese Red Cross.

Do spread the word to your friends about the charity drive! Even if they are not comic lovers, Red Dot Diva is sure they would know of someone who is!

In her own small way, Red Dot Diva has an on-going eBay jewellery store with specific items that will contribute 50% to the American Red Cross for disaster relief. If you wish to purchase something, the eBay store is here. (If one is wondering why the American Red Cross when the seller is local, well... there doesn't seem to be Giving Works' equivalent in eBay Singapore's portal.)

There are also other ways for people of Red Dot Island to help the Japan people recover from this disaster:

- there are contribution boxes noted at Uniqlo stores and at Takeshimaya Orchard
- The Embassy of Japan in Singapore has provided info on support and donations for quake and tsunami victims. (thanks to @izreloaded for the info) Click here for the information link.

And while doing their part for charity, Red Dot Diva reminds everyone that they should be careful of evil spammers and defrauders! Donate safely!

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  1. A request to visit Japan Relief page to help survivors of Japan Earthquake and Tsunami by donating to non-profits listed there.