Friday, March 18, 2011

Ready Your Wands For "Deathly Hallows" Part 2!

It's time to whip out one's wands and practise those spells. Red Dot Diva says there simply ain't much time left.

The "Harry Potter" movie series will be coming to an end with an epic but expected showdown between the young wizard and the nasssstiesssssst nose-lesssss V-illain of all time.

The last movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" Part 2 (directed by David Yates) will premiere in UK/ USA on 15th July 2011. Red Dot Diva is sure that it may screen or sneak peak a day or two earlier in Singapore, as the cinema operators here need to combat piracy.

HP fans have been patiently waiting for some hints and teasers for the movie and at last, WB has thrown the fans a bone. A teaser pic (see above) was released this week (posted by SnitchSeeker) showing Harry Potter standing high on some form of rafters. A tower of Hogwarts??

And just yesterday, the first look of the movie was posted on the "Harry Potter" movies Facebook page! The actual featurette was aired during ABC's "Harry Potter" movies marathon. Still no signs of a real trailer though!

The featurette showed a few seconds of more of the behind the scenes of poor Dobby's windy gravesite on a cliff, and footage of the Gringotts escape and... ooh.. Dragon!! Plus, YES! Quick snippets of double-spy-wizard-agent, Snape (who is Red Dot Diva's favourite, other than Sirius Black.) Voldy standing imperially on a cliff with his Dark Arts gang members. Ginny yelling, "NOooooo!"

The cast members, producer and director also gave some thoughts from the HP set:
Daniel Radcliffe: "Something's gotta give.."
Emma Watson: "The heart's gonna race.."
Rupert Grint: "This is it really.. This is kinda.. the end of the line.."

Here's a copy of the video up on YouTube:

When Red Dot Diva started reading JKK Rowling's "Harry Potter" books, she thought it was merely easy-to-read children's fare. But the books got more complex and intriguing, and she gives JKK a big divatastic thumbs' up for being shrewd and savvy enough to write her characters who would "grow up" together with her young readers.

By the time it was the 7th and final book, a rich mythology had been created, and the series got progressively darker; with stakes getting higher towards an anticipated battle of Good and Evil.

The movie adaptations have been inconsistent. The first few were the better ones with "Order of the Phoenix" failing on most counts regarding getting the story in line with what actually happened in the book. Red Dot Diva had to admit that "Deathly Hallows" Part 1 was very slow story-telling at the theatres. It was hard to sit through if one had not read the "Harry Potter" books at all. The significance of the horcruxes were not really explained, which added to the confusion of the casual filmgoer.

She knows that the pace in Part 2 will definitely rev up by a few notches. But more than that, she is just excited and yet quite wistful that another era of a successful fantasy movie series will be coming to an end.

HP movie viewers have also seen the three main cast members - Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint - grow up before their eyes. One should give them credit for being pretty consistent with their portrayal of the beloved characters for a total of 8 movies in a span of 10 years. No mean feat, indeed.

On a side note, the beautiful Emma Watson announced that she had temporarily quit studies at the Brown University to complete her acting and professional commitments. Emma has blossomed to be a gorgeous lady and Red Dot Diva especially loves the pixie-cut that she's wearing now. Her gamine face seemed even more model-material.

So it's of little surprise that she was recently announced as the new face of Lancôme. Emma was in Paris last week shooting and filming the ad with director Mario Testino. She was also involved in a steamy liplock with co-star Cyril Descours for the ads. ooh lala!

Check out the scoop from PopSugarTV:

Red Dot Diva bets that when this ad premieres, Emma will soon be doing some powerful spell-binding of her own!

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