Saturday, December 11, 2010

STGCC Squee (Rating) Board

This is Red Dot Diva's current STGCC Squee Board.

One may consider this absolutely inane but as a pop-culture fangirl, Squees are of Utmost Importance.

One simply cannot be a fangirl without knowing the Art of Squeeing. Some do not even realize that one can squee in a rather classy fashion -- not unlike what Red Dot Diva is doing right now.

The very breathless SQUEE #1, goes to Gail Simone. No one else deserves that numero uno spot in Red Dot Diva's Squee Board.

It has been one of the highlights of this weekend to be able to meet and interact with Gail in person.

Next, for SQUEE #2, it is warm, cheery C.B. Cebulski. Just coz he is C.B. Cebulski, Ok? Don't ask Red Dot Diva any more questions. *glares*

Here's where Red Dot Diva is in a quandary. It is beginning to look like a three-way tie between Matt Fraction, Ivan Brandon and Giuseppe Camuncoli.


Oh. Wait.

This could even be a four-way tie. For Red Dot Diva couldn't help squeeing over the Ugly Dolls too. Arrrgggh.

After some agonizing moments, Red Dot Diva decided to finally round up the STGCC Squee Board thus:

SQUEE #3 - Ivan Brandon. Red Dot Diva appreciates a good snark wrapped in dark Cuban chocolate.

SQUEE (and .sigh.) #4 - Matt Fraction. 'Nuff said.

SQUEE #5 - Giuseppe Camuncoli.  He smells really nice. He's Italian. He draws! XD

SQUEE #6 - open for competition. One can decide to take on Ugly Dolls and Red Dot Diva will see who wins. :D

Do note that the Squee Board rating may change at the most fangirlish fickleminded-ness of moments.

So .... will there be a SQUEE #7 to disrupt Red Dot Diva's Squee Board on the last day of STGCC?? Will she need to rescue and bail out any of the Squees from being arrested at today's city tour? ..... To be continued ....

Note: Red Dot Diva promises that there will be *ahem* serious STGCC-related blog posts later. But she also warns that she does tend to lie. :D

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