Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cosplayers at STGCC.. Meow.

Stormtroopers, Pic by Lim Gillian
Lolitas. Kitty cats. Streetfighters. Masks, lace, feathers... Aaaahh!

Mesh them altogether and one is probably in the midst of a flock of cosplayers.

Cosplay has gained a booming popularity in Red Dot Island in recent years. There has also been a growing number of cosplay competitions held in various local conventions and fairs. Previously, it was rare to see anyone unconscious enough to parade themselves in costumes, in very public places.

Red Dot Diva noted that cosplaying in this region is still the domain of those who are into anime and manga, or games. There is a smattering of comic/ scific cosplayers these days, but it is still the anime/ Lolita crowd that makes up the majority.

In her many years attending conventions overseas, Red Dot Diva has mostly seen cosplaying of other types of genres - from the mostly vampire-themed Buffy conventions to the fantasy-realm of the Lord of the Rings to the frenzied SDCC cosplayers - where almost anything from comic or pop-culture goes. There was even an Elvis Stormtrooper - so go figure!

This year's STGCC was no exception with the unavoidable presence of cosplayers. Red Dot Diva had actually expected more to be parading around in the exhibit hall but there really weren't that many. She later realized that this was probably because she was cocooned in the hall doing interviews with the various guests, and was not able to wander *outside* the exhibition hall where a horde of them swirled and twirled in their elaborate wigs, costumes and props.

Due to her latent power of prophesy, it was a good thing that she had already predicted this might happen, and had roped in friends to cover the topic of cosplayers for her.

Pic by Ruby
Young Twitter friend @rubychocolate, a cosplay enthusiast (albeit uncostumed), prowled around STGCC on 12th December, Sunday and managed to attend a panel on cosplay costuming. She also managed to capture a few interesting shots of cosplayers, notably one who was very convincingly dressed as comic character, Black Cat.

Victoria is the name of the svelte Black Cat cosplayer, and she vibrantly shared with @rubychocolate how she put her costume together.

Here's the short video of Victoria that was filmed by @rubychocolate. Unfortunately, the noise in the exhibit hall was horrendous so one might not be able to hear what she said in entirety.

So, Red Dot Diva managed to get hold of Victoria by email to share about her Black Cat costume and her experience in cosplay:

Red Dot Diva: Where did you get your materials for the Black Cat costume from?
Victoria: For my Black Cat the body suit and wig was ordered from eBay. The fur bits was bought in Chinatown and added on myself with a friends help. The boots are pre-owned.

Red Dot Diva: You mentioned you have been doing cosplay for 6-7 years. Which costume was the most difficult to put together?
Victoria: In the 6- 7 years i've been cosplaying, there hasn't been one particular one that was very hard but that might change soon.

Red Dot Diva: What costume would you desire to do next as a challenge?
Victoria: In the works for a personal challenge is an armored costume. I reckon I'll only be able to finish it in a year. As to what costume it is, that's a surprise haha.

Red Dot Diva wishes Victoria all the best in constructing that mysterious costume! She also hopes to see Victoria parading in another of her cosplay outfits some time soon!

For more about @rubychocolate's experience with cosplay at STGCC, head to her blog to read her post!

Since cosplay is very much a visual thing, Red Dot Diva shall type less and provide more eyebrow-wriggling, wink-wink cosplay pics from that weekend.

kitties for adoption! pic by Lim Gillian

lacy lacy, pic by reddotdiva
warrior girl, pic by Lydia

anyone hungry? pic by Lydia

Rohan girl, pic by reddotdiva

Fighters?  pic by Justin Lai

where birdie? pic by Justin Lai
Beware. It's V, pic by Lydia

bloody warrior, pic by Lydia

Credit goes to @rubychocolate for her video and Black Cat pics.
And Lim Gillian, Lydia Lim and Justin Lai for their photos!


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  2. Thanks!
    Red Dot Diva doesn't usually cover much of cosplay as it's not something she knows a lot about.
    But if she stumbles upon anything interesting, she'll post it on blog!