Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Get Your Lightsabres and Suits READY!


Red Dot Diva reckons that the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) organizers are trying to maim the pop-culture fans with major geek-overload.

'Coz get those lightsabres ready! The list of already interesting STGCC panels now include two hosted by Lucasfilm

One of the panels - "The Clone Wars: Pushing the Envelope for TV" will discuss about the challenges Lucasfilm faced with delivering quality episodes of the animated series, "The Clone Wars" and meeting the expectations of hard-core Star Wars fans. Rob Ladermeier (lead animator) and Josh Robinson (lead asset artist) are panelists for this event.

Not only does one have to get ready to duel with lightsabres, one has better be able to strut it as good as suave tycoon, Tony Stark!

The second Lucasfilm panel is by the folks from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). ILM is reknown for providing astounding special effects for countless films - including the recent "Iron Man 2". The digital craft from ILM would be seen in over 530 visual effects shots for the movie, including the brassy Stark Expo opener and the thrilling battle scenes. Red Dot Diva is proud to know that 190 of those shots were done in the Singapore studio.

So, don't miss the chance to catch ILM's Digital Artists, Phil Pham and Abishek Nair, who will both share about their experience working for the "Iron Man 2" movie. Phil and Abishek will show how the shots shown in the theatres were created and put together.

On a side note, Red Dot Diva wonders if any folks dare cosplay themselves as Tony Stark and the Ironettes during STGCC? Red Dot Diva saw a pretty impressive bevy at this year's SDCC, despite "Tony" being just a *little* hefty. Heh.

That's not all!! It seems that Lucasfilm will also be recruiting at STGCC from 1-5 pm on 10th December (Friday) and 10 am – 2 pm on 11th December (Saturday) at booth J24. For more details, do follow STGCC's Facebook acccount!

The Lucasfilm panels are held at Level 4, Halls 401 and 402:
10th December, Friday, 2.30pm - "The Clone Wars: Pushing the Envelope for TV"
11th December, Saturday, 11 am - "Iron Man 2: An Insider's Treat on the Movie's Visual Effects"

Dark side or not, Red Dot Diva thinks that these two Lucasfilms panels are far too epic to be missed!

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