Monday, December 6, 2010

More Concept Art Talk With Robbie!

Isn't previz work cool?

It is not merely an artistic field, Red Dot Diva appreciates that it's also rather brainy work. The ability to conceptualize and create from an almost blank slate is something she is in awe of.

If one is still unfamiliar with what previz is, click here for the part 1 interview with one of the top concept artist in Hollywood, Robbie Consing.

Warm, humourous Robbie has more to share about his many years of experience working in several blockbuster films. Read on for what he has to say!

8. What has been your most memorable work so far, and why?

Hmmmm…. I don’t know. "The Rock" or "Minority Report" seem to be the most memorable films. My work with Michael Bay seems to be what I’m best known for, and that’s still his best one to me. And "Minority Report" was a Spielberg film that was a techno-cultural touchstone as well…

9. And what was your most challenging creative work?

"Bad Boys 2". It was such an intense collaboration with Michael Bay. I conceived and designed some of its signature action sequences with a freedom and responsibility I’d never known before or since. And to direct second unit on a $150 million film was a career milestone.

10. Most of the movies you were involved in are those that involve lots of action or 'super-heroes'. Is pre-visualizing fast-moving or action sequences "your kind of thing"?

Storyboarding exists primarily for fast-moving action or “visual” sequences – We help design them, crafting their logic and maximizing their impact. While directors are generals charged with the overwhelming task of realizing the enormity of their vision, we can focus on a sequence for weeks and hone it. To make it more memorable and dynamic than anyone has envisioned before.

Comic book movies are great vehicles for us because we grew up with them. The mind spins the best comics into movies inside your imagination, right? Bridging those two art forms is always the goal and can be immortal if achieved.

11. What happens to all those concept art/ storyboard drawings after the film is made?

In the old days, they were filed away. If you’re lucky, they’re published and featured in “making-of” books, trade magazines and eventually through DVD special features.

Nowadays, the digital version is final so you can keep your original paper versions.

12. Who are your artistic inspirations?

Let’s see… In no particular order:

Directors: Coppola, Kubrick, Ridley Scott, Spielberg, Scorsese, Fincher, Cameron, Peter Weir, Wong Kar Wei, Friedkin, Welles, Coen Bros… too many to mention, really.

Artists (illustrators and comic): Walt Simonson, Bill Sienkewicz, Frank Miller, Mort Drucker, Moebius, Joe Johnston, Nilo Rodis Janero, etc.

I’m also a huge fan of Robert Frank, Henri-Cartier Bresson and other iconic photographers as well as a host of great painters and modern artists. But my admiration of their work doesn’t necessarily fuel my own.

13. What other kind of special talents do you have?


Besides the obvious skills that go hand in hand with filmmaking (photography, directing, writing – I have a screenplay currently in development), I’d be bagging groceries… badly.

14. Can you share a little bit about your current and upcoming projects?

I’m currently working on the new and yet untitled "Spiderman" reboot, to be released in summer of 2012.

Three films I worked on are coming out in 2011: "Priest" (a 3-D film version of the Korean manga), "The Thing" (a remake of the 1982 John Carpenter version) and "Transformers 3: The Dark of the Moon".

I’m also writing my own stuff, and have a sci-fi screenplay in development.

15. How much do you like geek girls?

Honestly, I effin love it when a girl loves the same nerdy stuff I do (and is sexy enough to pull off a geek costume or two… damn that’s hot). Unfortunately, I meet so few in my orbit of depravity that I might as well be hunting a unicorn…


Red Dot Diva thinks there's simply *no way* Robbie will be bagging groceries (badly or not) with his sick artistic skills. And if he's ever in a position where he needs to do that, he'll probably be doing it in super-cool movie-magic style. ;)

A few years ago, Robbie was a guest for Filmnut (a live interactive show about film-making) and he bravely held his ground with the Arnold Fans. Click this link for the interview.

So now, when those movies that are on Robbie's list of projects are up on the big screen, Red Dot Diva is sure one can't help but appreciate the artistry and hard work that goes behind visualizing the explosive action sequences! W00t!

To keep updated, check out Robbie's illustrious portfolio at IMDb.

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