Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Surprise Guest at the Smallville Comic Con Panel

The San Diego Convention Center's Ballroom 20 was filled to maximum capacity on Sunday, 25 July, in excited anticipation for the caliber of panels scheduled that day.

First to begin was "Smallville". I was lucky enough to manage 4th row center.

To start the panel the moderator, Geoff Johns, came out on stage to announce they that were going to show a recap of the past 9 seasons and a glimpse into Season 10 – The final season. This was expected of course, however the snippets shown for season 10 made it look be an AWESOME year!

(Note: There may be some Season 10 spoilers!)

- Clark FLIES holding the daily planet sign after it has fallen off the building

- Lois finds the REAL Superman outfit in a box and says “I’m the last one to know” It looks like she finally has figured out his superhero identity. (About time)

- A very quick screenshot shows that Brainaic might make another appearance. (It was not clear if this was a new appearance or a flashback)
(Red Dot Diva’s note: yes, Brainaic will be back for the 200th episode. James Marsters revealed that during the Caprica panel :) )

- And one other big surprise which I’ll reveal shortly

Overall it looked like all the questions and mysteries will be wrapped up this season!

Geoff Johns came back out after the video and began to announce all the panel members.

- Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer)
- Kelly Souders (writer/producer)
- Brian Peterson (write/producer)
- Erica Durance (Lois Lane)
- Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow)
- Tom Welling (Clark Kent)

As the audience cheered, screamed, whistled and snapped pictures, they all walked out and took their respective seats. Geoff asked a couple of questions to the cast members and then let the audience ask questions.

After the 1st one, he interrupted saying there was one more person who should be on stage. And out walks JOHN SCHNEIDER (Jonathan Kent). I was screaming my head off along with the other 4000 people in the room. How exciting!!

Now the preview clip of season 10 showed Jonathan Kent talking to Clark saying how proud he was of him made sense. But it was still unknown if this was just a vision that Clark was having. However, it appears that Jonathan Kent is indeed coming back to this season! YAY!! Not sure how this will happen, but I suspect it might actually be Jor-el in Jonathan’s body.

Now the cast started taking questions from the floor again. The ones that stood out most were these:

A guy came up to the mic and started off by saying it was his daughter’s 18th birthday…but then the mic goes dead. Poor guy. He left the line and the next person started to ask their question, but then John S interrupted and said “Now I have a couple girls myself and 18 is an important birthday so I would like that guy to finish his question.” The audience clapped their approval and the guy led his daughter up to the stage where he asked if she could have Tom Welling’s name card. Flattered, Tom signed the card, got up and handed it to the girl. Best birthday present ever I’m sure.

During another question, a boy started off by saying he graduated the “same year as Clark” and went to college, but then asked why Clark dropped out of college and if he ever planned to go back. Tom gave a very smart-alecky answer by saying “Well I guess we found the one person who hasn’t seen every episode.” Now most of the audience laughed at this and Tom apologized and then answered the question saying he doubts Clark will finish his education due to other matters that kept him busy. I for one thought it was a very funny answer but other people thought he was too harsh. I didn’t think so because I thought it was obvious why Clark dropped out of school.

Another person asked if Michael Rosenbaum would be back as Lex Luthor. Both Brian and Kelly said they would love to have him back and didn’t flat out deny that he would be. They said they have only written the first few episodes and if there was a way/reason to bring him back they would be glad too. This also brought up the subject of recurring characters and they said the 200th episode will have at least 4 characters that we haven’t seen in a while, but they didn’t say who. ***Side note, the 200th episode will be the 4th episode aired this season.

After a marvelous hour of Q and A the panel ended and we got to watch the Season 10 clip again. All in all, I can’t wait for the new and final season to begin!!!

Thanks to @nhousey for the pics and the blog post!

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