Sunday, August 8, 2010

Comic Con Virgin No More

It used to be a niche convention for all things nerdy and geeky. A place where only hardcore comic fans from all over the world gathered in troves once a year.

In recent years, Hollywood and electronic games companies entered the scene, and the San Diego Comic Convention has now exploded into mega proportions.

Hardcore geeks may moan about the loss of their previously sacred hunting ground but folks like Red Dot Diva, who is not from the USA and loves all things pop-culture and media (and yes! that includes comics!) has now found a really good excuse to take a geeky holiday in San Diego.

Before heading to Comic Con, Red Dot Diva was forewarned about the endless crowds and arduously long waits in lines. Did these deter her at all?

Hell, no!! Coming from that tiny Red Dot Island where 5 million human bodies are jammed into a small area, dealing with intrusion of body space is a daily part of her life.

So when Red Dot Diva finally lost her Comic Con virginity on Preview Day + Day 1, she was quite unfazed by 'the crowds'. What 'crowds'?!!? was more like it.

The crowds waiting for exhibit hall to open on Preview Day!
For instance, Red Dot Diva found that you could still go to the ladies and find a toilet stall without much waiting!! In Singapore, at the very popular IT fairs, one better not be drinking too much water before going. No way are you ever going to find a clean bathroom unless it's a few buildings/ train stops/ bus stops/ islands away.

One could still find floor space to walk on the exhibit hall despite the wheelchairs, strollers and slow amblers. At our IT fairs, you are propelled forwards or sideways by the wave of human traffic behind and coming towards you.

Campouts??? Big deal... people here line up overnight so they can enter a ballot or submit applications for their children in choice schools. Or buy a particular apartment of their dreams. It was not that long ago, that people queued up for limited edition Hello Kitty toys at MacDonalds *two days* before.

And what about that "OMG!" Pen-Stab Incident in Hall H? Red Dot Diva says you should *never* mess with hardcore Hello Kitty fans.

So, dealing with the masses did not stop Red Dot Diva from absorbing the whirlwind of pop-culture and comic goodness at this year's SDCC. In fact, Red Dot Diva was having a whole lot of fun with her friends, social networking and meeting many awesome folks.

The buzz of creativity, excitement and friendship was one of its kind that Red Dot Diva has not seen happen in one place -- anywhere.

Unfortunately, for those who are thinking of going next year, the limited tickets that include Preview Day have already been SOLD OUT! So do not hesitate to get your tickets online when they are go on sale later this year.

If you are a hardy traveller who navigates stressful, changing situations with ease, love comics/ toys/ games/ pop-culture and enjoy meeting like-minded friends, this Red Dot event is a MUST. At least once in your lifetime!

PS: Red Dot Diva and her friends will be covering various Comic Con panels and events on this blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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