Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Darker Nikita - Preview Screening at Comic Con

It has always been a tradition for the last few years that there will be a special screening on Comic Con's Preview Night. This year, WB decided to promote CW's "Nikita" - their remake of that popular TV show "La Femme Nikita" from many years back.

After many hours of waiting in line and making our cursory preview round of the exhibit hall, Red Dot Diva and her pal, @eserei27 decided to rest their tired feet and bums at the cavernous Ballroom 20 where the "Nikita" preview screening was held.

After watching the "Nikita" pilot, it felt that Red Dot Diva found that it wasn't so much a remake, but more a sequel to the original series.

"Nikita" takes place 3 years after the very beautiful, well-trained assassin turned rogue, especially after the death of her civilian lover, Daniel. She is now all out for revenge with an aim to take down the shady and ruthless organization - the Division - that trained her.

The pilot started off with an unsuccessful robbery, a death of a security guard and the prison sentence of a young girl called Alex. Instead of finding herself in jail, Alex woke up mysteriously in an organization's facility that seemed to collect and groom street-smart "outcasts" like herself as recruits. She also found that she needed to tussle and gain "respect" within a group of other young trainees. It was later revealed that Alex may be working for Nikita.... Or is she really?

It was also left for the viewers to wonder if there is some other shady organization or person behind Nikita's mission.

Lydsey Fonseca as "Alex" (Source: CW)
Meanwhile, the Division is eager to re-capture Nikita back into its fold or at least take her out and a handler, Michael is asked to be in-charge of this mission. Unfortunately, he has a thing for Nikita.

The promising CW pilot was fast-paced with "international" locales, action-triggered rather brutal fight scenes and snazzily written with an interesting cat-and-mouse game between Nikita and the Division. The series is scenes-full of enigmatic and dangerous characters helmed by photogenic faces ... like ...

.. Long-legged Maggie Q, who plays the main character, Nikita. Maggie has been a presence in the Asian market for some time, but for those who thought she looked familiar only now, Red Dot Diva says you might remember her looking drop-dead gorgeous in that red dress and then blowing up that yellow Lamborghini in JJ Abram's "Mission Impossible III". Her captivating good looks are definitely put into good use in the spy TV series. Especially the one that had her wearing a skimpy red-hot "swimsuit". Red Dot Diva thinks that Maggie Q's sex appeal is guaranteed to make fan boys squirm. Just look at the promo photo above! ;)

Lyndsy Fonseca was convincing enough as Alex, the tough young protege with a mysterious background - her large expressive blue eyes turning from emotional tears to cold and calculating in a few seconds. Red Dot Diva would love to see what becomes to Alex gets up to in future episodes.

Nikita's Division handler, the moody conflicted Michael is played by handsome male eye-candy Shane West.

Captivating Melinda Clarke (Red Dot Diva leeerrrvves her!) acts as Amanda - a kind of den mother to the trainees in the Division.

Red Dot Diva loved Xander Berkeley when he was acting as CTU district director, George Mason in "24". Xander is best when acting as a b@stard you'd love to hate, and so Red Dot Diva thought he was perfectly cast in the role as Division's head, Percy.

Sneak preview clip of "Nikita":

"Nikita" premieres on CW on September 9th and is definitely more adult-oriented and way sexier than most of CW's TV-fare.

Red Dot Diva has not decided to Red Dot the new series yet. She hopes that the writers will tone down the few cheesy lines in future episodes, like Nikita saying that she was doing all this "because of love" (mehhh....)

She does recommend viewers to give the pilot a chance if they like action spy movies and tough beautiful women as main characters. The revamped premise certainly looks intriguing enough for Red Dot Diva to continue with episode 2, and Red Dot Diva thinks there is a strong chance this new series may be a hit.

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