Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playing With Germs

... becomes less dangerous and more cuddly with GIANTMicrobes.

All of us get sick once in awhile. Some unfortunately, get seriously sick with a killer virus or a debilitating disease.

In any case, Red Dot Diva asks: Do you know what those nasty microbes really look like?

GIANTMicrobes are plush toys that look like their actual tiny microbial counterparts.

And despite how most of them make you feel sick in real life, the toys are super-adorably-cute! In fact, not all of the GIANTMicrobes are representative of infectious diseases. There are models for Red Blood Cell, Brain Nerve Cell, Sperm Cell (Human) and Egg Cell (Human)!

Red Dot Diva and her friend knew of the existence of these GIANTMicrobes toys on a couple of online stores for some time but have sadly, not managed to find them sold locally. Red Dot Diva guesses that Asians tend to be more superstitious regarding ill will and bad qi.

So it was with great morbid delight that Red Dot Diva spotted a stall selling these fun stuffed toys at Comic Con. A bunch of GIANTMicrobes have now found a new home! :D

The designs of some of the microbes are humourously tongue-in-cheek.  The Mad Cow model is black and white like a Freisian cow. The Flesh Eating Disease microbe has a fork and knife design on it. Oh, and Red Dot Diva thinks the Kissing Disease is one of the most adorable! It looks flirtatiously dangerous with its girlish lavender colouring, large anime eyes and extra-long eyelashes. Human Egg Cell is white and femininely round with a tiny cute pink ribbon. Not to mention, Chicken Pox - which has a red comb around it like a... well..., chicken.

There are even toy microbes for the venereal diseases like HIV, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphillis. The chirpy stall owner suggested that one could buy all five VD's and he would toss in a Penicillin for FREE. Haha.

Since actual microbes are really miniscule and difficult to see, these adorable toys can even be an educational learning tool for the aspiring kiddie doctor or scientist. Or they could be used to interactively teach children about diseases and how to protect themselves from infections.

Mostly, Red Dot Diva thinks that GIANTMicrobes are a great gag gift for those working in the health industry. Geeks or anyone with a good sense of humour (especially if it's slightly warped) would particularly enjoy these plushies as gifts.

Or you could buy one for yourself and take a pic with it, with an annoying-fun caption that says "Hey! I've Got Swine Flu!" and post that on Facebook :p

These toys can be ordered online from the GIANTMicrobes website. There is an option to buy a few of them packed into a petri dish too!

Red Dot Diva morbidly scratches a Red Dot on these GIANTMicrobes toys --- she thinks you might be itching to buy more of these giant little critters.

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  1. They're so cute! Kissing disease sounds so adorable. Not so keen on the others though. Guess you're right about Asians being superstitious. :P