Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Monkey Love

Geez.. get those kinky thoughts of your head!! Some people. tsk tsk.. ;)

Red Dot Diva was in hot, sunny Los Angeles recently and visited Universal Studios for the third time. The last visit was many years back in 2000.

Some rides no longer exist, e.g. the Back to the Future, E.T. and Backdraft; while some were rather recent installments - like the Revenge of the Mummy ride (and what a ride that was!) and Shrek 4-D.

Red Dot Diva was rather surprised that the Waterworld stunt show was still going on. In fact, it was one of the more enjoyable performances in the park. Especially in the hot summer, where it was an utter relief to sit in the very wet Soak Zone! ;)

But what Red Dot Diva was *really* looking forward to was the brand new King Kong 360 3-D, which officially debuted on 1 July 2010.

The previous King Kong was destroyed in a fire at the Universal Studios backlot in 2008. Two years later, King Kong re-emerges in majestic 3-D form and an exciting revamped addition to the studio tour.

Peter Jackson and his famed WETA special effects team are the masters behind this wonderful ride.

Upon entry into a cavern-like studio and donning 3-D glasses, Red Dot Diva saw gigantic 3-D 40-foot tall screens light up and surrounded her vision with an astounding prehistoric-like backdrop of Skull Mountain. Within seconds, the passengers in the tram could feel the vehicle being swiped by raptors, and not long after, a group of T-Rexes emerged to attack us too. Ack!

Red Dot Diva felt the tram shake violently as they approach and the T-Rexes peered hungrily into the tram trying to get to us... but, wait, over there! -- with a loud roar, King Kong appears!

As King Kong battled it out with the T-Rexes, Red Dot Diva could feel the "breath" of King Kong and the dinos while they body-slammed and crashed around the tram at breakneck speed. She could even feel water sprays of their spit/ drool (ewwww..). At one point, King Kong jumped on top of the tram onto the other side. Some T-Rexes started pulling an imaginary tram (the last car) down a crevice. But, heroic King Kong managed to save the chain of trams and he looked at us as the trams pulled away to safety.

For a behind the scenes look, check out "The Making of the King Kong 360 3D" video here:

Red Dot Diva was *very* impressed with the King Kong 360 3-D ride. It was only 2.5 minutes long but it was so riveting and immersive that it felt a little too short.

Definitely a Red Dot ride!!

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