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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Singpost & DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Zap Out Cool Stamps & Themed Menu Items!

As the promotional machine revs up for the release of WB's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie in Red Dot Island, fans and movie-goers are able to enjoy some cool stuff offered by two other promotional partners of Warner Bros. Consumer Products, namely Singpost and DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe.

Yesterday afternoon, Red Dot Diva had a sneak peek of what both companies have up in their sleeves as they revealed the goodies which will be made available for the fans.

In recent years, Singpost has been actively in touch with the pop-culture scene and has launched several myStamp collections for different movies, brands and characters.

For the "Batman v Superman" movie tie-in, Singpost will be releasing a limited edition 12-page hard-cover MyStamp collection consisting of 3 different stamp sheets and a retractable lanyard.

Here are what they look like:

Retail price is at SGSD 69.90 for the set. However, early bird collectors can get the set at a discounted price of SGD 55.90 from 11 to 23 March 2016 at

After which, from 24 March 2016 onwards, the set will be available at all post offices, the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe, the Singapore Philatelic Museum and the online shop while stocks last. If you want the special sets stamped, Singpost is setting that up at DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe only on 24 March 2016!

Red Dot Diva thinks the entire MyStamp package looks well-designed and shows off a lot of superhero biceps (although, unfortunately, the Wonder Woman stamp sheet was not on display). She was expecting a little more oomph regarding the stamp sheets, like more design artwork that stand out, and the characters surrounding the stamps rather than just sitting adjacent to the strip of stamps.

It is still a beautiful souvenir to add to one's collection though!

As she is not a stamp collector, Red Dot Diva was more curious about the nom noms that DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe will be introducing to fans.

For the new menu items, the cafe's Consulting Chef Martin Woo has crafted four dishes - two for Batman fans and another two for Superman fans. These are available at the cafe from 17 March onwards.

Without nothing more than the same promotional movie trailers that fans have watched, as well as the well-known backgrounds of the popular superheroes in mind, Chef Martin shared with the media how his team was inspired to come up with the new dishes.

For the Batman meal items, he choose ingredients which were more posh like wagyu beef, foie gras and truffle, since Bruce Wayne can afford anything that he wants. Basically, the Bat-dishes have more atas ingredients, lah!

Batman's Wagyu Beef Jaw Burger (S$31.90++) 

Charcoal Brioche - Wagyu Cheek Patty - Foie Gras Butter - Cucumber Telegraph - Tomato - BUtter Head Lettuce - Shaved Cabbage - Sesame Dressing - Melted Monterey Jack Cheese - Turkey Bacon - Apple Wood Smoked BBQ Sauce

Batman's Truffle Pasta (S$26.90++)

Squid Ink Linguine - Alba Truffle Sauce - Sauteed Garlic White Shrimp Tail - Arugula Salad - Parmigiano Shaved

As for dear Superman, who came from more humble beginnings, the burger dish was made of mostly farm products with a surprise hint of peanut butter to show how he has evolved to a more supreme being. This evolution continues to the pasta where more intricate elements were used, like codfish eggs (mentakio) cooked in cream.

Superman's Free Range Chicken Burger (S$27.90++)

Butter Milk Brioche - Free Range Chicken Patty - Peanut Butter - Sunny Side Up Egg with Dukkah Spice - Guacamole - Melted Cheddar - Smoked Jalapeno and Scallion Pasto - Tomato - Butter Head Lettuce - Arugula Salad and Balsamic Dressing

Superman's Pasta Crevettes Carbonara (S$28.90++)

Fettuccine Pasta - Poached Organic Egg - Mentaiko (i.e. Codfish Roe) Cream - Red Prawns - Ikura - Parmigiano Shaved

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe kindly offered us samplers of all the dishes, and Chef Martin and his team's show of dedication to the new menu items was evident. From the cosmetic details of the entire dish to the actual taste, the food would add on to any hardcore DC Comics fan's experience.

But, it's not just because Red Dot Diva is on Team Batman that she prefers both the Bat-dishes more than the Clark Kent-ish ones. They were simply more flavourful and even when Red Dot Diva does not usually prefer squid-ink pasta, the Bat-Linguine was actually very good. She supposes the truffle and garlic had a lot to do with that. A fellow geek commented that perhaps Red Dot Diva has more sophisticated set of taste buds. Heh heh. Well, well. Hellooooooo Bruce Wayne. *swoons*

And what's better than to top the meals off with yummy, decadent milkshake desserts. There are four to choose from - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the colourful meshed-up Batman v Superman.

A photo posted by Red Dot Diva (@reddotdiva) on
Red Dot Diva had a taste of the Batman one - which was chocolate base and chockful of nuts! Are they trying to say Batman is nutty? (That's not that far from the truth with him sometimes!)

When one gets deeper down the glass, there are also fruity bits (berries?) within the creamy mix. Red Dot Diva is not a fan of nuts (did that come out wrong? Heh), so she did not enjoy the Bat-shake as much as she wanted to. She is pretty sure there will be many others who will love it though!

Fellow geekster Jedd asked the cafe will be doing more themed products as more DC movies are released, and the official answer is YES.

Will there be a Harley Quinn ravioli? Hmmmm?

Although right now, Red Dot Diva wants the special mould/ cutter that the cafe's using to make those lovely Batman and Supes logos. Please have these available on sale! She can think of many ways to use that kitchen gadget. Don't you agree?

If fans are keen to get hold of both the stamps and the nom noms, it will be a good idea to head down to DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe soon. The first 500 diners to order the special "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" themed menu items will also get the Singpost MyStamp exclusive set which includes two movie postcards! In addition, if you buy the Singpost MyStamp set, you can get to free movie themed milkshake! *Slurp*!

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There is are two contests which fans can join as well:

- At DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe soon, 20 diners will win the 23 March preview tickets of the movie
- The first 50 fans who buy Singpost's movie MyStamp set and post about their purchase plus share about the contest details or exclusive MyStamp release on social media with the hashtag #SPBATSUP on Singpost's Facebook page will stand to win a pair of movie passes.

All in all, it seems like an awesome deal for the hardcore fans and collectors. So, if you are one, no need to battle with yourself about whether to get these cool stuff or not. Just go to DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe and have fun with your fellow geeks there!

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Red Dot Diva tried to convince Batman to take a bite just now, but he did not seem impressed about having his Bat-burger share the plate with the Supes burger! 

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