Saturday, February 13, 2016

Teaser Trailer & Poster of Equals - A Movie Filmed in Singapore, Starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart

Other than the over-hyped action movie "Hitman: Agent 47" that was filmed partially in Red Dot Island last year, there was another indie film that featured the island's futuristic architecture during its production.

The movie, called "Equals", is a sci-fi story set in an utopian future. It is directed by Drake Doremus ("Like Crazy") stars Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart, Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver. Most of the filming seems to have taken place within Infinite Studios, but the famous young stars Nicholas Hoult and Kirsten Stewart as well as the crew had been spotted in locations like the Marina Badge, the uber-atas Reflections condominium at Keppel Bay, Henderson Waves and the One North MRT station.

In "Equals", human emotions (yep, that includes sexy time) have been eradicated in society but when a virus infection breaks out suddenly and causes people to feel again. Cue minutes of erotic, longing moments between the good-looking leads KStew and Nicholas Hoult.

The movie has made its rounds in some notable film festival circuit like Cannes Film Festival, Toronto Film Fest and the Venice Film Festival. Red Dot Diva did not pick up of any rave reviews from those who have watched the film, but some seem to like the stars' performances. Perhaps the movie ran on too familiar grounds and themes which have already been seen in movies like "Gattaca", "Equilibrium" and "The Island". (Of which, Red Dot Diva asserts that "Gattaca" is an intelligent and by far the more superior scifi movie.)

Red Dot Diva has to admit she is not a big fan of KStew, but perhaps having a strong co-lead like Nicholas Hoult helps with her usually dour screen presence. Since Red Dot Diva has yet to watch the movie, it would be unfair to make too many judgement calls on it. Other than - Nicholas Hoult is hot. Hehe.

Meanwhile, all the fans have right now is this recently released teaser trailer which moodily various silent cuts visually framed either in a monochromatic tone or awashed with a mechanical blue colour. The teaser poster (see pic far above) which features the couple, their bodies intertwined and drenched in the same blue.

There are no release dates for "Equals" yet. Not even in the USA, where A24 Films is the distributor. Based on IMDb, Shaw is the local distributor for the film here, and the release date seems to be pegged around 5 May, 2016.

Does this mean that the stars might make their way here for a premiere?

Yeah yeah, Red Dot Diva knows .... it is a lot of wishful thinking. But one can still hope, right?

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