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Spy On Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie in "The Night Manager" premiering on AMC Asia, 22 February 2016

When it comes to Tom Hiddleston, Red Dot Diva cannot get enough of his undeniable charisma and screen presence. There is still no release date in Red Dot Island for his next movie "High Rise", so Red Dot Diva is delighted that she is able to swoon over Hiddles tomorrow night instead.

"The Night Manager" TV series is based on the John le Carré spy novel of the same name. A hotel manager goes undercover for an intelligence agency in a bid to take down an international criminal and arms dealer. While doing so, he becomes untangled in a dangerous game of secrets that also involve corrupt officials from both the CIA and MI-6. Unlike the book where the story unfolds in the post-Cold War era, the show is set in modern times, with most of the action taking place in the exotic locale of Cairo, Egypt.

A co-production between AMC, BBC One and The Ink Factory, "The Night Manager" is directed by Academy Award winner Susanne Bier, and written by David Farr. Tom Hiddleston (*le sigh*) stars as Jonathan Pine, an ex-soldier now hotel manager turned spy. Going head to head with his character is Hugh Laurie as bad guy Richard Onslow Roper. Olivia Colman (Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller in ITV's series "Broadchurch") acts as Pine's handler and secret agent Angela Burr, while Elizabeth Debick is Jed, Roper's beautiful girlfriend. Roper's protective right-hand man, Major Corkoran is played Tom Hollander.

John le Carré's novels are complex and dialogue-ridden stories. While these attributes are also what make his written works such an absorbing read, the transition from book to screen for his books can be particularly tricky. Out of the many adaptations in recent times, Red Dot Diva thought the 2011 movie based on "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" was a fantastic piece of work. (Diva has yet to watch the older TV series which starred the late Sir Alec Guiness. Of course, this has to be rectified soon!)

As to what John le Carré thought of "The Night Manager" mini-series, despite his early misgivings and the key change regarding the gender of Burr, this is what he had to say in an open letter written for The Guardian, ".... and it seems to me that this time round we may really have got it: film doing its own job, opening up my novel in ways I didn’t think anyone had noticed – and maybe I hadn’t noticed them.... "

Having received the writer's stamp of approval, "The Night Manager" show is expected to be an engaging mind trap of twists and turns. With strong convincing actors like Hiddles, Laurie and Colman in the lead roles, Red Dot Diva thinks that "The Night Manager" series will not disappoint those who love stories of espionage.

Still not convinced? Watch Hiddles and Hugh Laurie play cat and mouse in this trailer.

Did Red Dot Diva spot a gratuitous Hiddles shirtless scene? :D
Fans of the TV series "Supergirl" will notice that David Harewood is also in the show. This time as someone who is definitely not from Mars. 

The first episode of "The Night Manager" will air on AMC Asia (Channel 322 on Singtel TV), 22 February 2016, 10 PM. The 6-episode mini-series will wrap up with a special two-hour finale on 4 April, 10 PM.

Will anyone be ogling at Hiddles together with Red Dot Diva ?


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