Sunday, January 31, 2016

Have You Seen the Gameplay Teaser of upcoming Marvel Tsum Tsum Game from Disney Japan?

What villainous sorcery is this?!!!

The latest incarnation of Disney's Tsum Tsum mobile game includes beloved characters from Marvel's universe, like Spider-man, Agent Carter, Iron-Man, The Hulk, Loki, and OMG!! They all look as cute and cuddly as one can possibly imagine.

For those who are wondering what the heck Tsum Tsums are, they are small bolster-shaped plushies that are meant to be stack on top of one another like a pyramid. Tsum Tsums have captured the hearts of many Disney collectible and toy fans ever since the line was introduced in Japan.

The mobile game was announced last year in Nov 2015. It is a joint effort between Walt Disney Company Japan, NHN PlayArt and digital media company Mixi, who is best known for its hit game Monster Strike. 

The official game website with a few screenshots as well as a sample gameplay of the new game has just been released! One can also register on the website to get early information and access to the game when it is released some time in Spring 2016.

Check it out here:

The game seems to follow the current Disney Tsum Tsum version created by Line quite closely (i.e. almost like a much cuter and quicker version of Bejewelled), one just needs to connect the Tsum Tsums up to clear the stack and "beat the enemy". Red Dot Diva thinks that should be easy-peasy for experienced, nimble-thumbed gamers.

Unfortunately, the game is in Japanese, and seems to be available only in Japan. Will an international version be released soon after?

Truth be told, Red Dot Diva is itching to try the game, but she is also very wary of getting hooked simple because how adorable the Tsum Tsums are and how terribly addictive such lively games can be.

Just look at that little Raccoon Tsum Tsum sitting on top of the pyramid in the video.

Urgh. So cute.

Such games are an evil invention, she declares. Pure evil!


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