Saturday, July 4, 2015

Geeks in Manila! Get Set For AsiaPop Comicon (17-20 Sep 2015)!

Some months back, Red Dot Diva broke the news about a brand new pop-culture convention that is set to wow Manila pop-culture fans in a big way. (Read the article in this link.)

Well, AsiaPop Comicon Manila (APCC Manila) has now set their dates! The pop extravaganza is set to happen from 17 to 20 September 2015 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila.

The announced dates may not be feasible for Red Dot Island folks who will already have invested money and time at STGCC on 11 to 12 September, but this news should make Pinoy fans very very happy indeed!

APCC Manila aims to be more than just a comic convention. It will also have shades of what some other more TV/ movie-centric convention organizers are doing, by combining entertainment with comics, gaming, toys, cosplay and more.

Other than the usual convention fare like panels, product launches, portfolio reviews and cosplay, appearances by TV/ movie celebrities as well as exclusive screenings have been hinted. Who these famous people are have not been announced yet. Red Dot Diva thinks the organizers, Universal Events and Entertainment, must be holding some big secrets in that area. She can't wait for the convention guest reveal!

Cosplayers would also get a slew of activities due to the organizer's partnership with the Cosplay Authority Globale Challenge (the CAGE), where the focus will the fostering of spirit and craftmanship of cosplay through costume and prop-making workshops. And get this... the competition grand prize is HUGE. Together with a chance to compete against other cosplayers on an international level - are you ready for this - the payout for the OPEN category is a whopping USD 10,000!

We are excited to deliver a fresh and awesome edition of a comic con to Southeast Asia with the objective of being THE ultimate convention that will cater to the growing interest of pop culture in the region.” says Rita Magnus, Head of Events, Universal Events and Entertainment.

As the host country, the Philippines has a large pop culture community and we want to take advantage of the untapped potential by setting the stage for industry players to expand their exposure as a brand, introduce product breakthroughs and releases, and reach out to their fans, while also serving as a launch pad for budding artists and creative talents.

It should be interesting to keep an eye on the APCC Manila story as it unfolds, and see how Manila fans as well as industry folks take to the organization of the convention. If it turns out to be a smashing success, Red Dot Diva thinks that the SE Asia-based event may be a cheaper alternative to heading to Australia or USA for a similar-styled pop-culture convention!


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