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Slamcon at SDCC 2015 - Still Cool, Still Happening!!

After a long day of walking, standing, or just merely even waiting for panels or autographs at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), it is nice to finally have a party to go to at the end of the day to chill out, or to catch up with the friends you have not managed to meet yet!

And for all these purposes, Slamcon is one of the best parties at SDCC to hang out in! For those who are uninitiated to what Slamcon is, it is a free, all-inclusive party open to everyone, and the brainchild of a bunch of actors and comic creators - Todd Stashwick, Brea Grant, Dennis Calero and Deric A. Hughes.

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Slamcon started in 2011 at the Hyatt Mezzanine with some of Red Dot Diva's good friends attending the party. (For a more detailed story, refer to the blog post here!) It was the year Red Dot Diva was not able to head to SDCC because she had just lost her day job.

She managed to attend SDCC and Slamcon for the next 3 years together with her convention buddies. During those times they attended the party, they have met all the Slamcon founders, actress/ writer Amber Benson, and last year, both Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins hung out at the shingdig too!

It was too bad that Red Dot Diva had to miss SDCC and Slamcon this year because of various personal reasons. Coincidentally, Dennis Calero was not at San Diego this year too, and sent this personalized video message to everyone at Slamcon:

Red Dot Diva hopes things are going well with you, Dennis! She bets the folks at SDCC/ Slamcon missed you too. HUGS!

Regardless, it was great to know that Slamcon still carried on in its inimitable casual style where fans, bloggers, industry folks, creators and celebrities could freely mingle with each other. It is mainly for that reason that Slamcon is one of the coolest, most happening parties around on SDCC weekend!

If you missed going to Slamcon this year, here's a few snapshots of what happened last night.

Todd Stashwick shared a selfie with Miracle Laurie from this year's Slamcon:

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Some fans got to meet the lovely Brea Grant:

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Music-meister Bear McCreary made a party stop at Slamcon too!

UPDATED: More pics shared by Deric A. Hughes from the party!

Then as the night wore on, it seemed they had to close out the party at the pool bar and moved it upstairs for more party time. Now, that's a rad party to round off SDCC with!

So remember to put Slamcon down on your To-Do List if you are heading to SDCC next year. Check out the tweets with the hashtag #slamcon or follow their twitter account, for where and when the party will be held.

A Red Dot Diva Hint: Keep your SDCC Saturday night free!

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