Wednesday, June 24, 2015

STGCC 2015 Causes Local Geekdom To Squee By Announcing Adam Hughes As Guest

STGCC 2015 finally announces their first round of guest announcement, and they certainly did not skimp on the surprise factor.

This year, internationally reknown and Eisner award-winning comic cover artist Adam Hughes will make his way to the convention! Red Dot Diva could almost hear the local geekdom squee with delight upon knowing that Adam Hughes will be here. She was aware that the fans have been hoping and requesting for Adam to attend STGCC for many years. 2015 is the year that this wish is set to come true.

For those who are not familiar with Adam Hughes he is well-known for drawing women figures beautifully in a pin-up art style, and has worked for the biggies like DC and Marvel, as well as Dark Horse, Archie and Lucasfilm. His variant art covers are highly sought after. A few years ago, he returned to sequential art and was the artist for mini-series "Before Watchmen: Dr Manhattan", written by J. Michael Straczynski.

Art collectors who are already salivating at the thought of getting their paws on Adam's artwork, Red Dot Diva hopes a saving$ plan is already in play. Adam's art will not come cheap. It is also known that he would most probably may not be doing sketches at the table, due to the experience of having people flipping his sketches at high prices on eBay and other auction sites. But on Facebook, Adam's wife & manager has indicated that, for those with a lower budget, there may be art prints and sketchbooks for sale! W000t!

The lines at Adam's STGCC booth or Walk of Fame timeslot will definitely be insanely long. Regardless, Red Dot Diva knows that it will be a thrill for many local fans to finally be able to meet their idol at STGCC.

The other guest announcements include a returning guest, Canadian designer, creator and artist Camilla d'Errico. Camilla was here back in STGCC 2009, and her surrealistic big-eyes-ish art style is also very popular in the market. Her art can be found in a wide range of products like games, designer toys, watches, apparel and other merchandise.

Red Dot Diva is attracted to Camilla's evocative colour palette used in her artwork. They are really easy on the eyes. Camilla also received lots of kudos for her work in Dark Horse' "Helmetgirls" as well as "Tanpopo", her own unique literary-based graphic novel about a mysterious girl's journey on self-discovery.

At STGCC, Camilla will be offering for sale two special items - 6 of her one-of-a-kind Artist Proof Kuro Vinyl Toys, and 25 pieces of the Tree of Life art print that will be hand-embellish with gold paint.

Tree of Life art print

After a string of male artists featured at the convention, Red Dot Diva thinks it's fantastic to have Camilla making her appearance at STGCC to even out the field.

The name may not be familiar to many, but once "Big Hero 6" is mentioned, Red Dot Diva bets fans will be intrigued. This year's STGCC guest Koyama Shigeto, is part of the team who were worked on the concept design for loveable and unforgettable Baymax in the popular Disney animated movie. Prior to "Big Hero 6" Koyama Shigeto has worked on several Japanese animated television series, like Evangelion, Star Driver, Captain Earth, and G-Reko.

Sadamoto Yoshiyuki is a well-known character designer/ artist, and a founder of anime studio Gainax. His works has been featured in popular productions like Neon Genesis Evangelion and that wonderful anime movie, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time".

The remaining guests announced are anime musicians, Animenz and TAMUSIC, who will be performing live on stage. Cosplayers Tadaaki “Jacky” Dosai from Japan and Yui from Hong Kong will also be coming to STGCC to meet their fans and help judge for the STGCC Championships of Cosplay competition!

Not announced specifically but already listed as a booth exhibitor is fan favourite Simone Legno! The charming designer, who is a stalwart of STGCC, will be back in town again!! Simone is always lovely and patient with his fans, and heading to the visually unmistakable TOKIDOKI booth to get those kawaii products or grabbing some fan interaction time with Simone is like having your favourite dessert during STGCC weekend.

Plus, Red Dot Diva knows for certain that Simone is quite quite bicepstuous. YUMZ. ;)

Such an exciting first wave of guest announcement for this year's show, which will be held at The Sands Expo and Convention Centre (MBS) on 12th and 13th September!

Now, what about the show tickets?? They will be available for sale from 1 July 2015.
One-day passes go for SGD$19 and two-day passes for SGD$28. This is an increase from last year's prices though. For more information, head to this link:!

So, will Red Dot Diva see you there at STGCC 2015?

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