Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ICDS 2015: Meet Guest-of-Honour Cosplayer Jin (behindinfinity) at *Scape 22 & 23 August 2015!

Red Dot Diva tips her hat off to cosplayers in general. These hardworking folks invest a lot of their time and soul into their craft. With many cosplay and anime events happening all year round in Red Dot Island, active cosplayers are almost always hard at work imagining, planning, designing and working on their costumes.

What's different about International Cosplay Day compared to other similar events is that it is an annual worldwide celebration that occurs on the last Saturday of August. So, even if one does not have a convention to go to, it would be a good excuse to get into a costume and gather with some friends to celebrate the joy and camaraderie of cosplay.

In Red Dot Island though, International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) has taken on a local flavour. Fellow geeks from The Neo Tokyo Project have been organizing a fan-driven weekend gathering for the last 6 years!

This year's edition of ICDS, which will remain at *Scape, is held on 22 & 23 August, 11 AM to 7 PM. The website was updated a few weeks ago, and holds some interesting information, including the name of a special guest.

Internationally acclaimed Filipino cosplayer jin (behindinfinity) will be the Guest-of-Honour at ICDS 2015. jin is well-known for the cosplay of Naruto as well as Hiro from Disney's hit animated movie "Big Hero 6". The latter cosplay effort went viral on the internet when jin showed an uncanny similarity to the animated screen version. jin is also part of a group of friends called the Tux Team, and together they put together some kick-ass cosplay photoshoots.

This is the first time jin is appearing as a cosplay guest in Red Dot Island, so do give jin a big warm welcome during the meet-and-greet sessions on ICDS weekend!

As in previous years, there will be a range of events for cosplayers to participate in. There will be the Cosplay Runway, Cosplay Talent Showcase, Cosplay Chess, the AniDance Celebration plus games and quizzes. What gets Red Dot Diva rather excited is the Fightsaber choreography session which will happen on stage on 23 August, Sunday afternoon.

And of course, the Doujin and merchandise booths will also be back for fans to browse and buy some goodies.

With the event about 6.5 weeks away, there should be more cool announcements coming soon. Keep an eye on this blog or the ICDS website for more news!

Tickets to ICDS is $5 per single day, and $8 for a 2-day pass. More info here.

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