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TNT's "Mob City" - New Gangster Noir Series by Frank Darabont

Mention mobsters, the 1940's and vicious gang wars, and Red Dot Diva suddenly feels the urge to flash her gams while inhaling a puff from a slender cigarette holder (*cough cough*).  Er .. yeah... Diva doesn't smoke....

It's a good thing then, that she doesn't have to kill her lungs softly via cigarette-puffing, or run helter-skelter through a bar ducking from wild gunfire, in order to get her mobster fix.

Thanks to creator Frank Darabont (from AMC's "The Walking Dead" fame), a new drama series called "Mob City" will premiere on TNT this December 4th.

From the trailer that was released not too long ago, "Mob City" seems all ready to dish out the pulp noir-ish violence and intrigue, and the montage also includes quite an impressive body count!

If you have not caught the trailer yet, check it out below.

"Mob City" is based on Kohn Buntin’s book 'L.A. Noir: The Struggle For the Soul of America’s Most Seductive City', and tell the story of Detective Joe Teague, an ex-Marine who has been placed on a new task force by his boss to rid LA from her ruthless gangs, like those ruled by feared kingpin Mickey Cohen and one of America's most infamous gangster, Ben “Bugsy” Siegel.

Due to the drama's subject matter and timeline, its list of screen-grabbing actors sounds like a gangster moll's version of paradise. There is buff and tuff Jon Bernthal as lead character Det. Joe Teague. You would have remembered (and hated) him well as the morally shifty antagonist Shane Walsh from "The Walking Dead". Ridiculously handsome Ed Burns takes the role of Bugsy Siegel; Neal McDonough - who can give an equal dose of cold menace and charm with those ice-blue eyes of his - stars as chief of the L.A.P.D., William H, Parker, and upcoming star Jeremy Luke helms the role of violent mob boss Mickey Cohen.

Adding to the drill of tough guys in zoot suits and fedoras are other actors like Robert Knepper (!!!! one of her faves!!), who takes on the role as another gangster Sid Rothmen, very bicepstuous Milo Ventimiglia as lawyer Ned Stax who is Cohen's fixer guy, and another "The Walking Dead" alumni - Jeffrey DeMunn as Detective Hal Morrison, head of the new mob squad. Ernie Hudson from "The Ghostbusters" fame has also joined the cast as Bunny, a nightclub-owning gangster. And the pilot even boasts of the versatile Simon Pegg as a guest star.

All of which are great ovary-busting excuses for Red Dot Diva to tune into the series. Of Course.

As most mobster shows go, much of the scenery is being chewed by a whole lot of testosterone. And the ladies, unfortunately, do not seem to have very prominent roles. In the pilot, the feminine touch is left to actress Alexa Davalos as Jasmine, a beautiful woman with a haunting past.

Red Dot Diva is such a fangirl over Robert Knepper and his work, and Robert sure treats his fans well by posting some really cool behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of the guys hamming up and being all badass while on set.

Here are some of the cool pics from Robert's twitter!

Awwww.. gangster's and copper's first awkward meet

Simon Pegg's gonna be awesome in the pilot!

Hello Zoot Suits! Milo, Jeremy, Ed, Robert and Brake

Robert's really Dead Tired

Robert looking very debonair.. Pic taken by Milo!

And then there's this great noir shot below of Jon Bernthal and Andrew Rothenberg that was posted on Jon's Twitter. Gotta say... 1940's-style Suspenders, FTW!

What's getting Red Dot Diva excited at the moment though is the "Mob City" panel that will be held on October 12th at New York Comic Con! She thinks the line for the panel will be crazy long but she will nevertheless, try her best to attend to bring in the news from on site.

Slated as an "event series", "Mob City" will only run for 6 episodes. Which makes Red Dot Diva wonder if that is too short for what appears to be a promising show. In any case, she will definitely be checking in on Frank Darabont's visually appealing version of the Gangster Squad.

All just in time for a Diva-Style Feel Good Christmas too!

Ugh. Ed Burns.. will you stop smouldering already. *Swoon*


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