Thursday, September 19, 2013

SDCC 2013 Recap: When The Legendary Stan Lee Launched Two Children's Books!

There are so many stories to tell from Red Dot Diva's Comic-Con 2013 adventures, and she is trying to find time to blog some of them for you.

Out of the many, there was one very short yet memorable moment Diva had with a very legendary man. He is none other than the beloved Generalissmo himself *salute!* - Mr Stan Lee.

This is the second time (yes! you've read it right.. t'is the second time!) Red Dot Diva has met the incredibly dynamic icon. At over 90 years old, the Generalissmo is still such a ball of energy that one cannot help but feel zapped with ((( POWER ))) just by being in his presence.

If you have missed the first Red Dot Diva vs Stan Lee encounter, you have also missed him in a special video message to his Singapore fans. So, click here to check it out!

As expected, when the appearance and autograph signing session with Stan Lee was announced during Comic-Con 2013, the very limited and exclusive tickets were snapped up like hot cakes. Red Dot Diva did not expect that she might get the chance to ever meet the legend again. She had forgotten to take a photo with him the last time, and also, there is a bouncy kind of joy simply watching the Generalissmo in action.

Then, a surprise email came through from Theo Dumont of Dumont Marketing on Fri afternoon asking if Red Dot Diva would like to do a press coverage of Stan Lee's launch and book-signing for two kids' books at the 1821 Comics booth.  

Hell Yeah!! Of course, she would!

So on that Saturday afternoon, Red Dot Diva marched to the exhibition hall to join the media and fan troops all ready to hail his arrival. There was a flurry of excitement when he finally strode through the crowd with his security folks and minders.

Terry Dougas with Stan Lee

The energetic Generalissmo was all smiles as he posed for photos with 1821 co-owner Terry Dougas and the two of the latest children's books from his own label Stan Lee's Kids Universe (SKLU) -  "Reggie the Veggie" and "Once Upon A Time There Was A Pig". SKLU's aim is to put out fun and family-friendly books for first-time readers. What better way to get your baby geek started on graphic novels, right?

The Generalissmo loves Reggie the Veggie!
"Once Upon A Time There Was A Pig" is written by Dani Jones, whose previous release with SKLU called "Monsters vs Kittens" was a success with parents and young readers. This new book features a little pig who yearns to tell a wonderful story but gets very annoyed when he keeps getting interrupted by his group animal pals. Red Dot Diva is sure that, at one point in time or another, you can identify with the same frustrations that Pig is facing!

"Reggie the Veggie" is about a veggie-loving crocodile who heads to school on the first day and discovers that the cafeteria is only serving meat! Through colourful pictures (courtesy of Ivan Escalante) and rhyme written by Inspector Gadget writer Dale Mettam, the book encourages kids to eat a well balanced diet.

After the bout of frenzied media photo-taking, the ever-gracious Theo managed to get hold of Stan Lee's attention and introduced Red Dot Diva to him, mentioning that she came to Comic-Con all the way from the Red Dot Island. Which then brought about the few memorable seconds when Diva managed to have a photo taken together with the Legend!


Before she left the 1821 Comics booth, Stan Lee had already settled in and was busy signing books for his mob of fans.

Red Dot Diva didn't stay to watch the entire line get their items signed, but she hopes that the fans were as equally stoked to have a few quick moments with the Legend as she had!



Red Dot Diva has to specially thank the very tall and handsome Theo Dumont from Dumont Marketing for both Stan Lee media and meet opportunities.
** DIVA MWAHS ** to you Theo!


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