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STGCC 2013 Final Roundup: The Year When Geeks Prove To Be Bicepstuous

Whoever said that geeks were not too good looking, svelte, buff or simply charming, must have not been to this year's STGCC 2013.

There were babes and hunks galore - from the guests, to the cosplayers, to the industrious folks at Artist Alley.... right down to the inanimate exhibits!

For one thing, Tony Stark and Iron Man were almost everywhere!

Fans flocked to the Hall of Armour put up by Hot Toys and Action City, and there was a line waiting to sofa-lounge with (... or in Red Dot Diva's case.. to admiringly perv) this particular Iron Man. It is not stationed at a booth called Play Imaginative for nothin', right?

But then, even discounting all things Tony Stark, Red Dot Diva thought this convention was the most bicepstuous and prettiest one to-date.

He-Man is sexy too, yah?

This not-so-Ugly Doll has more plushy martial arts skills than you!

And just check out all these cool sexy chicks! :D

During the weekend, babelicious cosplayer guests Aza Miyuko and Vampy Bit Me were walking talking eye-candy for the guys. Although, Red Dot Diva has to point out that many ladies love them too!

Vampy Bit Me and Aza hit the stage

Vampy Bit Me oozed natural sex appeal and even though Diva managed to spend only short sections of time with her - most of which were after convention hours - and she found Vampy to be super-nice, chatty and genuinely interested in the local culture.

Both ladies were a hit with the photographers and were invited for quite a few press coverage and special photoshoots. This one by Shiro Ang Photography was taken at the nearby Helix Bridge.

Aza and Vampy at night photoshoot
On Day 1, a bunch of Marvel cosplayers showed up at Hot Toys' Hall of Armour in the afternoon. The Marvel ladies, especially, looked really kick-ass!

The Ironettes stationed around the Play Imaginative booth were exercising their ladylike biceps the entire weekend. Of course, they had more than their fair share of attention.

Don't tell Diva this doesn't make many of you go Hulk-Green with envy....  ;)

Adi Granov - Like A Boss!
Then there were the convincing local cosplayers who turned up as a bunch of DC comic characters. Thanks to them, at least some form of DC representation was at STGCC!

Wait a minute... the dude behind is not a DC character!

Diva's friend Jedd has many more DC cosplayer pics at his fantastic blog. Click here to view!

The usual anime/ manga/ gamer cosplayers were also out in full force. This one, however, struck a very impressive, full-on seductive pose. Phwoooar! Diva must learn also!

And to be fair, special kudos has to be given to luxuriant chest hair too. Especially when they are combined with a red mask and a top hat in the form of Luchadore (i.e., a Mexican term for wrestler). Who is now also known as Centre of Attraction.. Attention? Centre of Attention-Attraction Man! Luchadore was happily photo-bombing at every possible opportunity and sometimes, he was found together with his sidekick, Rotten Raccoon - who was being lewd and mouthy most of the time.

Should Diva fear the Chest Hair or the Raccoon?

Right from the Media Preview, it was clear that this year's guests had a certain brand of irresistible X-Factor.

The Glam Bloggers Alliance first fell prey to Joe Madureira's boyish charm and tight bod, which inevitably lead to an unapologetic fan service article released before Day 1. (Click here to read.)

(Yes, this is really just another excuse to pimp out Joe Mad's beautiful smile and foxy biceps.)

And to show you what kind of superpowers those Joe Mad Biceps have. This was the loooooooooooong line at his Walk of Fame signing on Day 1!

They all want a piece of Joe Mad!

So you have to give Diva mucho credit when she showed an awful amount of classy restraint when Joe offered to carry her during an impromptu photo op.

The Army of Snipers showed off what toy designer arms Can Really Do:

And they are so adorable when they smile too! :3

On Day 1, a surprise pair of muscles came in the form of this very well-known guest artist :

Guess whose biceps??!! :D

It's the down-to-earth Adi Granov, whose concept work with the "Iron Man" movies has propelled him to the limelight that transcended beyond just the comics world.

It is too bad that, because of her boo(b)th babe duties, Diva missed meeting Adi's beautiful wife Tamsin at the convention.

Now, just about everyone is aware of how David Mack's hunky arms are strong and yet work dexterous magic with a brush...  Like qing gong (轻功). Red Dot Diva asked David if he was ever going to take a disciple (徒弟) and get him to sit under a waterfall as part of the training, and David just gave her one of his unique cryptic smiles.

Few words are necessary when you can watch David Mack biceps in motion:

Special mention for this guest:
Red Dot Diva found toy designer Nathan Hamill to be so adorkable and huggable! (^__^)

Last but not least, when you have three gorgeous people together at Walk of Fame... it's A Bicepstuous Triptych! Eat your heart out!

Mack, Legno and Madureira

The folks manning their booths at Artist Alley were just as charming and lovely. Here are a sample of them:

There is Jerry Teo of "Rex Regrets", whose own biceps are definitely more adept and agile than poor Rex.

And who can resist a Master Sculptor's nice smile and strong arms... courtesy of HairyasHell

At a corner was an Indonesian trifecta of artistic talent from Punakawan Studio - Tobing Pippin, Ardian Syaf and Noval Hernawan - who were flexing their biceps the entire weekend!

For a recap of mainly toys and cosplayers at the convention, watch this nifty video from the guys at Collectibly!

The final result of all these extreme talent + sexy East-West geekiness?

A record-breaking 45,000 people from the Red Dot Island and around the region attended this year's STGCC - a significant increase from 35,000 recorded for last year. Officially numbers also stated a 40% increase in exhibitors compared to last year. It sure did seem more crowded at the convention floor. On Day 1, it seemed as if the air-conditioners had difficulty coping with too many humans!

With such encouraging numbers, Red Dot Diva hopes that STGCC will continue to flex its muscles and have an even bigger, more buffed up and booootiful (that is, more female pop-culture guests please!!!!) presence next year.

To the many other creators and exhibitors out there, come join us at our little tropical corner of the geeksosphere! We'd LOVE to meet you!

See you at STGCC 2014!



Jedd Jong - check out his wonderful blog Movie & Me
Edward K - owner of the ToysEtc blog and Fellow Biceps Lover-in-Crime
Gene Whitlock - please give the Centre of Attention/ Attraction Man more attention. Go visit his FB page called Danger Gene. You will be amused!
Andre Chee (Red Dot Dude) - for his RDD blog contributions and photo-taking!

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