Monday, September 30, 2013

How A Wonder Woman Film Should Be Like

Red Dot Diva was just about to head to bed when she saw this video clip that Absolutely Blew Her Mind.

For the many decades of fans wishing, hoping and pounding their fists on the ground for WB to come up with a decent Wonder Woman film or TV series, this short concept film from an LA-based outfit called Rainfall Films brings geekdom much hope.

If this level of quality can be achieved by Rainfall Films within a small budget, what other real excuses does WB have now?

As Wonder Woman, Rileah Vanderbilt projects a strong powerful screen presence. You might know her as part of Team Unicorn. And the very short montage directed by Sam Balcomb holds a certain kind of magic, despite the lack of dialogue.

Don't believe Red Dot Diva?? Just watch this!

For more details about the filming, read Rileah's blog about her personal experience.

Great job, everyone! Count Diva very impressed!

Can you just take Red Dot Diva's money to make an actual movie already?



So a knowledgeable silver fox told Red Dot Diva that it is not the look that kept WB away from doing a new Wonder Woman show, but the script.

Red Dot Diva totally gets that. The premise and dialogue is of course, a major driving factor of any real movie or series.

However, the last attempt by David Kelley seemed so half-hearted and the look and feel of Wonder Woman was oh-so-wrong, that one cannot blame fans for wondering if WB can even get the visuals right.

This was the the costume for Adrianne Palicki's:

And this was Rileah's:

Which signify more Amazonian strength? Nuff said!

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