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Vin Diesel and cast members bring the "Fast and Furious 6" to Manila

It was all about muscle and cars at SM Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines on May 15, last Wednesday.

The Music Hall stage was host to the red carpet premiere of action movie "Fast & Furious 6", with producer Neal Moritz and actors Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans and Gina Carano making their appearance.

Organized by Solar Entertainment Corp and SM Mall, Manila was the last stop of the movie’s world tour before it premiered back home in the USA. The other stops included London, Beijing, Seoul and Cabo San Lucas.

Many of the fans - about a few thousand of them - have been waiting at the mall since 3pm. Finally, at about 8pm, each actor arrived in a black Challenger sports car, provided by the event co-sponsor's, Dodge.

There were roars of excited screams as the fans, cramped body-to-body, greeted each star's arrival. First to arrive was Luke Evans, who plays the role of baddie Owen Shaw in the movie. Next was co-star and former MMA champ Gina Carano who showed off her toned lady biceps, looking all buff, sexy and gorgeous in a long, backless, ruffle-tailed black gown.

Then, there was a huge surge of screams as Michelle Rodriguez arrived soon after, dressed in a slinky black cut-out gown. She was uber-energetic, and ran along the red carpet waving, yelling and greeting fans with a big smile on her face.

Naturally, the star of the show had to make the grand appearance. Vin Diesel, decked out all badass-like in a black wife-beater, dark jeans and aviator shades, walked down the red carpet greeting and shaking fans with fans. One has to admit that the outfit was hardly what anyone would consider to be formal wear. But the fans didn't care! There he was - Vin Diesel in the flesh! It was biceps pr0n time!

There was a brief Q&A on stage, and there was a moment when Welsh actor Luke Evans sang a snippet from the Tagalog song "Kailangan Kita", that got the Pinoy fans going into another wave of excited screams. Luke is not a stranger to Manila, having worked in the Philippines 10 years ago when he had a musical stint on stage for "Miss Saigon".

Then, at the end of the gala evening, the stars signed a Chrysler Dodge which was later auctioned off to charity.

On the next day, the cast made a short appearance at another mall in Makati called New Glorietta. Again, thousands of fans stood jam packed in the mall to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood stars.

While on stage, Vin Diesel said that he loved being in the Philippines and expressed an interest to return there to film a movie. "Fast & Furious 7", maybe? And then, he fueled the Pinoy crowd into a wilder frenzy by removing his shirt before he left the stage. *gulp*

Must be all because of the tropical heat, right? If she were there, Red Dot Diva would have not been able to get up from the floor. 'Coz seriously, just check those Vin Diesel biceps and bod out!

And the excitement didn't just stop there either. Several fans had their chance to get up close for a meet and greet and got their posters autographed by Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans and Gina Carano.

Such an awesome and thrilling couple of days for the Pinoy fans to managed to catch their favourite stars right in their hometown.

Naturally, the hype surrounding "Fast & Furious 6"s promo continued and culminated in the way glitzier premiere held at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles on May 21. For this occasion, Red Dot Diva settled with ogling at one particular actor from afar. He is Indonesian model and actor, Joe Taslim.

Those who have caught the Indonesian martial arts movie "The Raid" would remember him well. Joe and his fight scenes were memorable in that movie, but Red Dot Diva was even happier to see that he was given the chance to show off his martial arts prowess in a couple of key scenes in "Fast & Furious 6". That fight scene in the subway? Totally fast.. and furious! Major Props to a fellow South-East Asian!

And my my... doesn't Joe clean up real nicely on the red carpet too?

"Fast & Furious 6" is currently playing in local cinemas. If you are looking for an invigorating, action-packed movie with a terribly photogenic cast (or just want to fantasize being a muscle-car racer), then Red Dot Diva says the movie's perfect for a fun, popcorn-crunching night out with good friends.

Check out the explosive trailer here!


Official Fast & Furious Facebook Page

Thanks to my Pinoy bro - @cerbojam for the pics and story!
Read more about the red carpet event in his blog here!

Photo credits:
- Mark Cerbo
- Choice pics from Yahoo Philippines (Refer to the individual photo credits there.)
- SM Cinema Facebook Page
- New Glorietta Mall Facebook

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