Thursday, May 16, 2013

Don't Wait! Get Your NYCC 2013 Tickets Now!

Blame it on the insanely popular but sold-out San Diego Comic-Con, some say.

But if you have missed out on those SDCC passes and really need your geek fix this year, Red Dot Diva advises you to hurry and get your NYCC 2013 tickets now!

3-Day tickets for NYCC 2013, priced at USD 65, went on sale yesterday May 15th, and the official word out from organizer Reed Exhibitions is that over 50% of these tickets have ready been sold! While it is not selling in a geek-frenzy like SDCC, it is still moving out steadily and fast. In fact, Special Access VIP (4-Day) tickets, which were released for sale in March, have already been sold out.

Red Dot Diva's convention roomie-pal @eserei27 was online yesterday morning to buy the 3-Day tickets and said that there was a virtual waiting room like SDCC's booking portal, but there did not appear to be any server issues. She managed to finish her transaction in 10 minutes with no problems at all!

Held in Jacob Javits Convention Centre, situated within the mega city of New York (the home of the two major comic book publishing companies - Marvel and DC), NYCC is the largest comic convention in the East Coast. With graphic-novel or fantasy based TV shows and movies - like "The Walking Dead", "The Avengers", "Game of Thrones" - seeing a huge spike in viewership in the last few years, Red Dot Diva has little doubt that NYCC will be a sell-out show again this year.

So, don't wait too long to get your NYCC tickets if you are keen on going! Click here to go to the online booking portal.

Some of the guests announced so far are:

- popular comic artists and writers like Adam Hughes, Dan Slott, David Finch, Kieron Gillen and Scott Snyder
- fan favourite and actress, Felicity Day
- intrepid adventurer, traveller and TV personality, Josh Gates (on Sunday only)
- Kevin Eastman, creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

And there will definitely be more guests and panel announcements as the convention week approaches.

NYCC may not be as pop-culturally glitzy as SDCC in terms of celebrity spotting, but it is more comics focused. And for those who love meeting comic artists - whether they are upcoming or established names - this convention is the one to head to. The Artist Alley is hugggggeeee... and because it is not as hectic as SDCC, you might have more time to chat a little longer with your favourite comic creator.

The other upside to geeking out in NYCC is that there is so much to see and do in New York City besides the convention. The city is so often used as a setting for books, TV shows and movies, that one can spot a recognizable landmark or location spot everywhere you turn. Red Dot Diva is sure Batman and "The Avengers" movie fans would most probably know where to head to for that great geek photo opportunity.

And if you are a history or art geek, you might be happy to know that it will be OPNY the same weekend! As in Open House New York - a celebration of the the architecture within the five boroughs and there will be free access to a slew of buildings and landmarks! Last year, over 300 of such sites were featured. So who knows? These places may be the geek-worthy ones too!

Plus, there's Broadway - where some of your favourite actors or performers may be stepping on stage as part of the cast members.

Incidentally, Broadway is one of the other key reasons Red Dot Diva will be heading to NYCC this year. It was not part of her initial travel plans but since Zachary Quinto (probably best known as Spock in JJ's Trek movies) will be on stage for the American Repertory Theatre's production of "The Glass Menagerie" (September till December), she cannot pass the chance to do the multi-medium-geek-out in so many different ways!

The main question now is: with Red Dot Diva attending two major USA comic conventions in one year, will she survive such an onslaught of bicepstuous beauty?

Stay tuned.

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