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FCBD 2013: Writer Adam Glass Vs The Local Geekdom!

It Was An Epic Friday Geek Smackdown at Kinokuniya this past Friday, 3 May! *HRumPf!*

The Adam Glass versus Red Dot Island Fans Showdown (otherwise known as "Meet The Writer") began promptly at 7.30pm. The event was an early celebration for this year's Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), and it certainly set the mood right for the next day's festivities.

Accompanied by his beautiful wife Mia, Adam Glass - writer of CW's cult TV series "Supernatural" and a few comic titles, including DC's New 52 "Suicide Squad" - bravely took his position at Kinokuniya's Crossroads to face his fans.

One has to wonder: if "Supernatural" is already considered a cult series State-side, how "big" would the audience in tiny Red Dot Island be?

Before the event, Red Dot Diva tested for fans response on Twitter, but there was only a trickle of tweets from local folks mentioning about Adam Glass' session. So, it was thougt that ... probablyyyyyyyyy..... maybeeee.. only a handful of fans of the series might turn up at Kinokuniya. On a Friday night, no less.

What actually happened though was something quite unexpected. It made Red Dot Diva glitter-glow with Red Dot Island pride. A sizeable legion of about thirty "Supernatural" fans had crawled out from the woodwork or teleported themselves to the Adam Glass meet and greet. In the midst were also well-versed comic book fans, or comic fans who also watched "Supernatural". And what an articulate, intelligent and totally geek bunch they were!

When the Q and A session opened, the "Supernatural" fans shot their questions to Adam all quick and lethal like. A young lady - obviously an enthusiastic fan of the show - had Adam stumped with two questions.

Check this video out to see what went down:

But since Adam's appearance was a pre-cursor to the next day's FCBD activities, a Kinokuniya staff re-directed the session back to a discussion on comic books.  

Adam has written for both Marvel ("Deadpool: Suicide Kings") and DC ("Suicide Squad") before, and he said that he now intends to do more of creator-owned graphic novels. In fact, one of his upcoming works "Brick", will be a collaboration with Mike Benson to be published on Oni Press. The story is based on a boy who found the secret to create your own Golem (*not* the my precioussss kind. That's Gollum ;) ) - a monster being created out of inanimate matter, like clay, that is right out from Jewish folklore. The graphic novel is expected to be out next year.

There were also a fair number of vocal comic book fans who asked Adam several questions like the quintessential "Justice League or Avengers?", which reeled off into a mini nerding out session:

On the topic of "Suicide Squad", a comic fan aimed the question about the changes to visual appearances of characters, like Deadshot and Amanda Waller. Bulls-eye!

In his defense, Adam said, "When I saw the first art, I too was taken aback at first. Wait. Whoa. What happened, you know? And I think that in an effort to make the characters look fresh and younger in the beginning of their careers, stuff like facial hair was taken away, and Amanda Waller miraculously lost 200 pounds...  And I was asked by an interviewer about how Deadshot lost his handlebar mustache and skinny Amanda Waller, I am like, you are not even getting the story a chance. You are judging it based on these things that I had nothing to do with."

Adam also revealed that he pitched a lot of Deadshot back stories and plotlines in "Suicide Squad" but DC had plans for Deadshot in other places probably including the TV series "Arrow" and many of his ideas did not get to be used.

When Adam was asked if the depiction of the Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad" was based on his wife Mia, he quipped, "Obviously, you guys can't see it under all the makeup that she's having right now, but she's actually wearing a clown outfit underneath." Then, in a more serious tone, Adam said has always liked and is attracted to strong women, and hence, he also likes writing about strong women. So, yes, Mia has a lot of influence in his writing. Besides, he also has a daughter and would like to see her grow up to be an independent, strong lady.

During the session, Red Dot Diva managed to field two questions to Adam as well. She asked what kind of creative ideas does Adam have for a superhero or supervillain originating from Red Dot Island. Adam did not seem to have a clear reference to carve out an answer at that point in time, but he turned on his killer charm and replied, "Island Girl" (*ahem*). Here's what he said after that:

Adam was also enthralled with the island's Mer(e)Lion for some reason or other, and thinks it would be a unique character feature. Red Dot Diva cannot help but wonder if one of Mer(e)Lion's special superpower is extreme friendliness by drowning creatures in spews of water.

Remember "Elektra" the movie? or "Catwoman"? No? Good.
Red Dot Diva's other question was about why female superhero-based TV shows or movies seem to fail miserably. A really frank answer was given by Adam, and you can check it out in this video upload, at about 17:43 onwards:

Video credit: Say Peng

Just as Kinokuniya was about to wrap up the Q and A session, the "Supernatural" fans regrouped and struck back with even more questions. The young lady mentioned earlier managed to get Adam stumped for yet another time! Fan throwdown. Ouch.

"Will we ever ever get to see 'God'?", she asked in a very sweet voice. To which Adam laughed and said, "Now that's another good question." Then simply said, "I don't know."

And to the RSJ fans out there, unfortunately, there are still no clues as to whether Gabriel will be back on the series.

By then the event had already ran pass the allocated one-hour, so it was time to end the talk in order for the autograph session to begin. Kinokuniya presented Adam and Mia with their own pack of free comics for FCBD. That was when Red Dot Diva had a sneak peak of what she was about to grab early morning the next day. Heroclix Iron Man! Ahhhhh!

About 30 plus fans stood patiently in line to get their comics, DVDs or collectibles signed by Adam. One of the fans had drawn mini portraits of Dean, Sam and Castiel during the talk and Adam was delighted to sign on his sketch page. (see below)

And of course, Red Dot Diva managed to get her "Supernatural" Season 6 Official Companion book signed by Adam Glass on the foreword page that he wrote. SQUEE!

Looking around, Red Dot Diva noted the many happy smiles and positive vibes at Crossroads that night. Mainly because of the vibrant discussion and intelligent exchange of ideas between fans and Adam Glass about a slew of geeky topics. A special connection was made in those 90 minutes.

It was a memorable night indeed. And Red Dot Diva would like to think that both Writer and Fans came away with a lot more than they bargained for.

Oh wait. There is just one last thing.

For those who are still wondering if biceps would ever come into the picture for this blog article, here it is! :D Thanks to Nicholas aka Incoherent Boy for taking the photo.

*Flex* and Oomph!

Red Dot Diva and Adam Glass biceps

Check out ALL the video segments of the epic Adam Glass versus Red Dot Island Fans Showdown, filmed by a local fan, Say Peng. Thanks so much, dude!

Part 1:

Part 2: see video segment posted above!!

Part 3:


Click here for the quick Q and A that Red Dot Diva did with Adam Glass before his session at Kinokuniya!


Thanks to Adam Glass and Mia for coming all the way to Red Dot Island to meet the fans.

And NYU-Tisch School of the Arts for bringing him here, and to Kinokuniya for organizing such a rare and wonderful opportunity.


  1. Hi!! I'm the "young lady" that you were talking about haha. Thanks for the videos because I've been looking around for them to post on my blog :)

    1. Oh hey!! NICE TO "Meet" you again! hahah
      I love it that you got him Stumped. THREE TIMES! :D

    2. Something I can add to my list of accomplishments.. haha