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Star-Gazing At The "Iron Man 3" Red Carpet Premiere in LA

For any die-hard fan, it can be a fun thing to hang out at the red carpet barricades hoping to catch a glimpse of your favourite star at a Los Angeles movie premiere. How often does this happen in Red Dot Island anyway right?

So, yet again, Red Dot Diva is living vicariously through her good friend, Chelle and her red carpet adventures.

Here's her star-studded report from the recent "Iron Man 3" premiere at the El Capitan!


Looking out the window at 8am on Wednesday April 24th was like deja vu. The weather was exactly like it had been for "The Avengers" premiere the previous year.

Cloudy, dreary, and chilly. Oh well.

But cold weather be damned! It was premiere day for Marvel’s "Iron Man 3"! Nothing short of an earthquake would prevent me from going to see Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth and company.

Considering my tickets fell through for the premiere and afterparty, I decided to try the “fan” thing: stand at the barricades and take in the excitement with the rest of the fans.

At 11am, I arrived at Hollywood Boulevard (which was closed down for the premiere), and found a spot that was unoccupied only to get verbally attacked by these two "fans" who claimed that the spot belonged to them because they had been there since 3am. Okayyy…sure…

No one was there except a couple of chairs, and the spot I was standing in left plenty of room for whomever they belonged to. After the altercation (and being called some nasty names) by these people (who turned out to be lowly autograph hounds), I left the area and found a better one towards the middle of the red carpet.

To be honest, I’m glad I moved because most of the celebs skipped the area I had originally picked out altogether!

People started showing up at about 5:30 with the first arrival being Mario Lopez - who didn’t stay to watch the film. He walked the red carpet, got his photo taken, and then left.

Next to arrive was Joss Whedon. And although he didn’t sign for the fans, he did acknowledge everyone who had gathered to watch the red carpet arrivals.

Excitement was building at this point but I could not see much from my vantage point. I had to rely on the fans at the far end of the barricade who had a clear view of the arrivals. Anytime they screamed, I knew someone had shown up. Well, guess who it was that showed up then? It was none other than the legendary, Stan Lee! He signed a couple autographs and then headed down the red carpet for interviews and photos with the press.

After awhile, William Sadler arrived. People might most probably remember him as the Grim Reaper from "Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey" and "Die Hard 2". (Red Dot Diva has to pipe in to say she remembers him best as the Sheriff from the TV series, “Roswell”!) In "Iron Man 3" he plays President Ellis. He was kind enough to come over to the barriers and sign autographs for a few minutes.

Not long after William Sadler, Sir Ben Kingsley arrived with wife, Daniela Lavender on his arm. He breezed on by, stopping briefly for photos at the photo area and then heading on to the press area. Don Cheadle was the next to show up. He did sign a few autographs but did not make it to my area.

After Don, Gwenyth Paltrow arrived all smiles and wearing a funky looking dress. In person it looked really good on her and from the pro photos I’ve seen that a lot of it was see-through.

Next to arrive was Guy Pearce and his wife. He did sign for a few fans but quickly left to do press and photos. As Guy was signing for fans, a fan favorite arrived. It was "Chuck" star Zachary Levi, who will also be in "Thor 2" as Fandral. Zac looked really tall and dapper in a blue suit. And he graciously greeted fans and took pics with them. (Red Dot Diva: SQUEE! ZAC!!!!)

Other Marvel superhero movie actors like Cobie Smoulders and Jaime Alexander also made their way down the red carpet but.... The best was yet to come!

At the end of the barricade I could see a bright red Audi make its way down to the red carpet amid cheers and loud screams of the fans. Robert Downey Jr - the star who have brought Tony Stark to life - had arrived in grand style. In the passenger seat was his lovely wife, film producer Susan Downey, looking lovely in an orange dress.

While Robert parked his car, Jaime Alexander who had earlier promised that she would return to the fans for autographs after she finished with press, was a woman of her word. She went all the way down the barricade and signed for people. When she got to me, I told her she looked really lovely and that I followed her on twitter. She asked for my twitter handle and she said she would keep an eye out for it. So sweet:-)

Now on to the epic meeting of Mr Downey Jr. What can I say about the guy? He was super cool and calm. He signed autographs most of the way from the street all the way down to where the barricades ended. When he got to me, I said hello and thanked him for the autograph. And he smiled at me. Lovely guy. Cloud 9! (Red Dot Diva is now a useless puddle on the floor.)

After Robert and Cobie left the area to head to the red carpet press, things slowed down a bit. At this point I was wondering if Tom Hiddleston had cancelled because it was already past 7pm. Then about 7:10pm I heard screams of “Tom! Tom!” and knew he had finally arrived. Tom headed over to the far section by the street where he arrived and started signing autographs. He signed for everyone and took photos with a bunch of fans.

The ever-friendly Zachary Levi also made his way back to the barriers to sign a couple autographs for some fans and then headed back to the red carpet. I had heard that Tom and Zach’s paths crossed at the barriers and greeted each other. Awesomeness :-)

When Tom reached my section, we were told that we could not get a photo with him but I was not really concerned with that as I had already had my photo with him before. As soon as he came by me, I just said hi and good to see you again to which he replied Hi! with a smile.

I was not able to really interact with him that much like I did at the MTV Movie Awards cuz he was in such a rush. Fans were asking him to sign things and pushing photos at him. It’s all good. I understood that he was in high demand and still remains the darling of the red carpet.

From another wave of loud screams, I found out that Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa had also arrived at the premiere. By then, it was already 7:30pm and that signalled the conclusion of the red carpet festivities as the "Iron Man 3" movie played inside the El Capitan theatre.


Thanks to Chelle for the report and photos!

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