Saturday, April 20, 2013

Get Armoured and "Become Iron Man" at Bugis Junction

Nothing beats getting a surprise invitation from J.A.R.V.I.S. a week before "Iron Man 3" premiere (26th April) in Red Dot Island.

The special invite to "Become Iron Man" was delivered to Red Dot Diva via the efficient people of Play Imaginative - a locally based toy design and manufacturer. She was sooooo ready to get her lady diva armour on.

"Become Iron Man" is an interactive, motion-sensor, digital experience that allows fans to test out Tony Stark's new Mark 42 Armour (which is being featured heavily in the movie). The "testing facility" is located at Bugis Junction ground level (the section near the telcos and Intercontinental Hotel) from 19 April to 5 May, 10am to 10pm.

The "lab" was already surrounded by curious onlookers when Red Dot Diva arrived. She was eager to get her Stark on, and was glad that it did not take too long before her turn was up.

When she stepped on the pedestal, J.A.R.V.I.S. was automatically activated and the AI system promptly took over the entire process. Directly in front, is a large plasma screen projecting what it looks like to "Become Iron Man".

J.A.R.V.I.S. began by measuring her height, weight and other dimensions. And with a few key movements of the arms and legs -- PWHOOOSH! - parts of the "prehensile" Mark 42 armour flew towards her and attached themselves to her limbs, torso and then, the last to come on was the iconic mask.

Kick-ass Diva Iron Lady
All properly suited up, Diva Iron Lady was now geared up to do some seriiiiooouuus armour testing. Which consisted of a couple of lame dance grooves. Then, she got the chance to blast test targets with the suit's repulsors.

And... finally, the most fun part --- to FLY!!

So.... Bite Me, Tony Stark!

The entire virtual experience took about 4-5 minutes. And at key junctures of the process, one gets their mugshots photographed, which can then be downloaded later from a website via a code given by the test facility's administrators.

Just next to the test facility, fans get to gawk at the first public display of Play Imaginative's "Iron Man 3" Super-Alloy Collectible Figures in 1/2" and 1/4" scale. The figurines include those of Iron Man Mark XLII, Iron Patriot, War Machine, Heartbreaker, Nightclub, Red Snapper, and Shotgun.

Red Dot Diva is not much of a toy collector. But the figurines were impressive and gorgeous to look at. (What can she say.... she was especially en-armoured by the gold-exo-skeleton-ed biceps and butt of the Mark XLII. So shiny and pretty!!)

Mark XLII - Butt and Frontal

The first figure to be available will be the Iron Man Mark XLII. It is marked for a August 2013 release date and pre-orders are already being accepted by Play Imaginative right now. Avid toy collectors - take note!

Overseas fans and toy collectors heading to San Diego Comic-Con would love to know that Play Imaginative will be represented by their distributor Yes Anime. Yes Anime will be setting up a booth at the exhibition hall for those who are ready to splurge and grab their Super Alloy wares that weekend!

Apparently, a few more models will be up for display at Bugis Juction after the movie premieres next week on 26 April. So, what more excuses does one need to Become Iron Man"?

Here's a "Iron Man 3" trailer to tempt you to boogie in a Mark 42:


Thanks to Daphne from Play Imaginative for the surprise invite!!

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