Monday, April 22, 2013

FCBD 2013: So What Will Be Happening On 4th May?

This year's Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), which falls on 4 May, seems to be more muted than last year.

Well, for one thing, Harris Planerds - hailed as the bookstore for geeks - closed its doors late last year. And there have been no early excited hints of well-known comic guests making appearances at stores like GnB or Invasion. YET.

That leaves Kinokuniya - the only other bookstore chain with a geek-worthy stock of graphic novels - to create some hype for FCBD. From the details released in Kinokuniya's April e-newsletter, one would have noted that they were the first to promote any kind of the local FCBD events at all!

The details of two FCBD related events held at Kinokuniya's main store at Ngee Ann City are:

Adam Glass Appearance: 3 May, Friday, 7.30 - 8.30pm
Adam Glass joined as a writer and producer for Season 6 of the popular CW series "Supernatural". Prior to that, he was also producer and in the writing team for "Cold Case" and "The Cleaner", In addition, Adam is also known for his works on "Deadpool" for Marvel, and is currently the lead the writer for DC's new 52 "Suicide Squad" series.

Book Launch for Epigram's "The Girl Under The Bed": 4 May, Saturday, 2.30pm - 3.30 pm
Here's another chance to celebrate local writing and art with Epigram's "The Girl Under The Bed", a horror graphic novel written by Dave Chua and illustrated by Xiao Yan. Both Dave and Xiao Yan will be there to meet readers and share about their experiences creating the ghostly tale set in modern Singapore.

What is FCBD without the colourful presence of cosplayers from various genres of pop-culture? The team of cosplayers represented by the Neo Tokyo Project as well as the Imperialistic presence of Stormtroopers from the 501st Legion – Singapore Garrison will be mingling with fans and shoppers at the store from 10am onwards!

More details of Kinokuniya's events can be found here:

Other than Kinokuniya's slate of activities, popular local comic store GnB Comics has announced a Member's Movie Night for Marvel's latest superhero movie, "Iron Man 3" on 3rd May Friday, 8.15pm at the Cathay. (See details below) Apparently, three guests will be making GnB store appearance the next day. Details are still hush-hush.

On the other side of the pop-culture fence, Invasion! Toys & Collectible has already teased about a shop appearance by young local artist and creator Shawn Yap. Red Dot Diva was tagged with a work-in-progress pic of a special art print by Shawn, which will be available at Invasion! during FCBD. Can you guess who he is drawing for one of this year's FCBD art prints? (see below)

Diva is sure you can guess who they are
And earlier today, a super-adorable art print sample called "The Iron Butlers" was released on Facebook by Shawn and Invasion!. This will only be available exclusively at Invasion! on FCBD. Red Dot Diva thinks that "The Iron Butlers" are just TOO CUTE! WANT!!!

Shawn Yap's "The Iron Butlers"
She is sure that more news would be trickling in the next few days as FCBD begins to creep up on the geek world. So, look out for more news on this blog!

Oh, and BTW, this year's FCBD is also Star Wars Day!

Which will be a fine excuse for taking out your lightsabre for a few swings. Or to stride around town in your Princess Leia geddup (even if you rock a beard and mustache!)

Only 12 days more!

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