Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FCBD 2013: More Artist Appearances Announced!

Two local comic stores have now announced their FCBD artist guests for this Saturday!

And there should be more than enough time during the day to catch both sets of guests, if one desires to.

So who are the artists who will be doing sketches, signings and meeting Red Dot Island fans?

Check this list out!

GnB Comics
Besides the "Iron Man 3" movie night for members on Friday, GnB Comics has announced their "Triple Threat" - guest artists Sunny Gho, Sami Basri and Garrie Gastonny.

The trio are set to be at the store itself from 12p. Later, at the Cathay (Handy Road) from 5pm to 8pm, Sami and Garrie will be joined by local-based Filipino architech and comic artist Rey Villegas for more signings and free sketching!

Sunny Gho is a Jakarta-based artist who is the founder of two outfits - Makko (an Indonesian online comics magazine) and Stellar Labs - a band of talented artists working on projects including Titan Comics'/ Atomeka Press' recently revived A1 anthology. Sunny has also worked on covers for Marvel, like "Incredible Hulk Vol.3".

Sami Basri, another Indonesian artist, has worked with DC Comics' "JLA Classified" and a regular penciller for Topcow's "Witchblade".

Garrie Gastonny, the third Indonesian artistic threat, also recently worked on one of the stories of the revived A1 Anthology by Dave Elliot. He is also the artist for Image Comics' "The Vault".

Invasion! Toys and Collectibles 
Three special guest artists have been announced so far by Invasion!, a cozy collectibles store situated at Funan Centre.

Red Dot Diva has yet been told of the actual time of their appearance but judging from last year's FCBD, the artists should be making their in-store appearances in the afternoon till evening.

Other than young local artist Shawn Yap, and Malaysian-born animator Keatopia (whose real name is Ong Ean Keat), Invasion has invited a very well-known artist to join in the FCBD celebrations. He is none other than Stanley Lau aka Artgerm - Co-founder and Creative Director of Imaginary Friends Studios. Through the years, fans from all over the world have been drawn to Stanley's vast creative experience and vibrant artwork.

If you are not yet familiar with Artgerm, just take a look at this gorgeous piece of art below! Stanley will be working on a blank cover of Action Comics this Saturday, so head on to Invasion! to gawk at his talent, his artistic biceps (for Red Dot Diva at least) or to ask him for key tips.

Invasion! is being a little secretive about their FCBD events at the moment, but Red Dot Diva says you can keep checking out their FB page for the latest deets!

Kinokuniya Main Store
As mentioned in a previous blog post, the official book launch for Epigram's "The Girl Under The Bed" kicks off at Kinokuniya this Sat at 2.30pm. Writer Dave Chua and aspiring full-time artist Xiaoyan will be there to talk about the creative process and meet fans and readers.

Red Dot Diva has only got to know of Xiaoyan recently when she got hold of a copy of "The Girl Under The Bed". Being a huge fan of artists with a macabre sense of style, like Tim Burton, H.R. Giger and Andrew Bell, she thought Xiaoyan's developing and unique style was like something from the world of Emily Strange but with a heavier surrealistic and Asian touch. (Samples of her artwork can be seen on her website as well.)

The book launch might be a good chance to find out more about Xiaoyan and have her sketch a mini-ghoul for you.

With these events shaping up for this Saturday, have you decided how you are going to get your geek on for FCBD yet?

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