Friday, February 11, 2011

Guess Who's Back on "Smallville"?

In one of the more epicly-evil news of the week, Lex Luthor Prime will be back in the series finale of "Smallville"!!!

Michael Rosenbaum, who had left the series in 2008, went on to concentrate on writing. He is currently filming the Syfy half-hour comedy series, "Saved by Zeroes", which he also created.

Unlike some of the other "Smallville" actors who were no longer in the series, he had been very reluctant to return to the show, even for guest spots.

Red Dot Diva is still trying to come down from a hyperventilating-estrogen high after hearing the news. AHHHHhh!!

Lex was one of the primary reasons why Red Dot Diva continued watching "Smallville" for many seasons. (Note: Lana Lang sure wasn't the reason!) In her opinion, Michael made the series more solid with his screen-grabbing scenes of pre-supervillain Lex. Michael really brought comic book Lex Luthor to life. Without him, the series tend to echo hollower without that sense of impending evil.

She had been nursing the smallest glimmer of hope that Michael would one day return as Lex again. After all, she learns much evil from one of her favouritest supervillain mentor.

And this has now finally happened!

Michael said he was doing it for the fans, and he seemed positive and excited about being back on set. He tweeted, "I'm excited to come back one last time. Just promise me you'll all watch my new stuff. Then we will be even. Haha. Rock the hell on friends!"

Thank you, Mr Rosenbaum!

"Smallville" finally ends its 10 season run on May 13th with a two-hour finale.

Who's going to be watching this with Red Dot Diva??!

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