Friday, February 4, 2011

Comic Con 2011 Tickets On Sale - FINALLY!

After all the confusion and frustration regarding buying passes, SDCC 2011 tickets will finally be available for online registration on 5th February 2011, 9am PST. That's in about 12 hours folks!

A little bird (thanks @DarkStitch!) had already told Red Dot Diva about the ticket registration date and the news had leaked on the internet before the official announcement by the Comic Con organizers themselves.

5th February is a Saturday morning. So fans with usual work hours will have less complaints about needing to take time off to do the registration.

Comic Con has stuck to Ticketleap as the ticket registration portal/ online shopping cart. Which probably indicated that they were rather satisfied with the last rehearsal and the new registration process. The procedures will remain the same as that from the rehearsal. This time, however, prospective attendees do not need to register for a separate login at Ticketleap.

More detailed instructions and FAQ on Comic Con's website here!

Red Dot Diva wishes those buying SDCC tickets all the best. She is kinda sad that she will not be going this year.

However, not going to SDCC 2011 may mean that the Red Dot Diva will be stalking and hunting at another possible con in 2011.

She is already making tentative plans to get her sexy butt to NYCC 2011. It will be a good excuse to finally visit NYC and see her other online friends on their East Coast-y turf. Although, she is well aware that aforementioned sexy butt will be freezing during that time of year.

Incidentally, NYCC 2011, organized by Reed Exhibitions, will have their tickets on sale on 7th February 2011 (Monday) at 12.00 pm EST.

This year, Reed has decided to extend the convention to 4 days instead of just 3! Following SDCC's format, the first day on Thursday, 13th October, will be a preview night with doors set to open at 4 pm that day. The  convention, held at the Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC, will end on Sunday, 16th October.

Red Dot Diva's online friends have indicated that they manage to get tickets late in the game and before ticketing closed in September each year. So, Red Dot Diva will not be rushing to book for passes next week. But she is curious to find out if the additional day would have any impact on this year's NYCC ticket registration.

To buy your tickets, head on to NYCC's official website.

Is there anyone else planning to go to NYCC this year?

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