Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comic Con 2011 Passes Sold Out!

Yep, Red Dot Diva nodded.
They have indeed been sold out.

And this all happened within 24 hours of the online ticketing process. The 4-day pass sold out in less than 3 hours after registration opened!

This is unprecedented in Comic Con history.

The process was wraught with problems from the start. Not that many were totally surprised due to the difficulties faced in previous attempts and a test-rehearsal. But Red Dot Diva guessed that many were still hoping that Comic Con and Ticketleap were truly able to iron out the server issues.

Only a few minutes after registration opened (which was at 9am PST on 5th February), the floodgates of nerdrage went almost viral.

Fans who were trying to register, kept seeing messages that four-day passes were all sold out, or couldn't even click past the "Proceed to Purchase" button.

"Badges are being processed at an extremely slow rate and, while you may receive a sold out message, many badge types are still available," Comic-Con tweeted, in an attempt to appease the angry folks.

Ticketleap added, "Quick advice for #sdcc: If you've made it partially through the process but are getting an error, don't start over, click refresh."

It was a semi-good thing this was a Saturday rather than a workday. Even so, many fans were not able to "keep refreshing" for more than 2 hours - which some did! That took a huge amount of patience, and Red Dot Diva hopes that those who tried really hard, managed to get their tickets.

The agonizing ordeal almost made Red Dot Diva glad that she had decided not to go to SDCC this year.

Then, just over 11 hours ago, Comic Con officially announced: "All badges are now sold out. As refunds are processed additional inventory may be released to the public at a later date."

So maybe, there is still a tiny glimmer of hope yet for those who are persistent enough to try for SDCC tickets again. But since there's going to be a Twilight panel in this year's SDCC, Red Dot Diva thinks that this would put a real hamper to that glimmer... Or is it glitter? heh.

The real question now remains - Will the line for next year's Comic Con tickets be longer than that for Hall H? Red Dot Diva looks forward to the actual answer.

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