Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zachary Levi - A Fun Follow!

It's the 29th of September and a certain special birthday boy turns 30 today!!

He is none other than Zachary Levi, star of the popular TV series "Chuck" and one of Red Dot Diva's most favourite male celebrities.

Red Dot Diva absolutely loves reading Zac's feed on Twitter and Facebook because his infectious joie de vivre and spot-on sense of humour makes him such a fun "follow". Having a naturally upbeat personality, Zac openly shares lots of interesting stuff on this Twitter. These range from sneak peaks into his life when he attended concerts or made formal appearances for events, to posting "Chuck" on-set photos. Whenever he can, Zac also does live Twitcasting and captures cute videos like the one of co-star Yvonne Strahovski dancing to Justin Bieber.

Earlier in May this year, Zac went on a travel spree around Europe with his good friend Eric. Zac chose to kindly share tons (and there were tons!) of photos regularly of their European jaunt on his Facebook account. It was lovely 'visiting' each city together with them - even if the fans were only doing it from their computer / smartphone screens online.

There were also a few videos posted from their trip. Red Dot Diva remembered laughing her head off when she saw a hilarious one of the two hamming up to music while driving in the South of Spain, including Lady Gaga's "Telephone". Or in their case "Telefono". Haha XD

Source: Video from Zachary Levi's Facebook

And the fun continues even till recently.

Last weekend, when friend and fellow celeb Seth Green officially joined Twitter, some "predicted" yet least expected chain of events unfolded. Red Dot Diva and many other fans tried to warn Zac about not going to check out some strange noises in his back yard. And then, they witnessed Seth kidnapping Zac and shoving him in the trunk of his car (so it was tweeted ;) ) Zac tried to escape somewhere and thought he was near Barstow but was again captured and blindfolded and gagged. Seth later presented Zac as a captive present to Mel Caylo (the robust PR/ Marketing Manager of Archaia Comics) at his birthday party. After which, Zac and Seth apparently made up - all bromance-like - over a shared chocolate malt. Awwwww....

Zachary Levi also showed a whole lot of heart and awesome fan power with his charity involvement in the Twitchange auctions. Twitchange, with a series of Twitter-based celebrity auctions, aims to help build homes in disaster-struck Haiti. Zac was in the running for first spot with the highest bid until Dana White and Twitchange founder, Eva Longoria took over. Still, Zac came up with more than USD 14,900 worth of bids and he aims to give the winning bidders lots of bonus Twitter/ social interaction prizes.

Red Dot Diva congratulates the generous winning bidders, by the way... and hopes they share their Zac Levi fan experiences with us! As Zac declared on Twitter, "Nerds+love+action=change."

Talking about Nerds, Zac and his team also launched The Nerd Machine website just this past week! For the moment, there are T-shirts for sale and videos uploaded to kick off the Nerdolution. Go visit the website and be one of the first few to get your own Nerd T-shirt, and rock it like Zac in the pic above!

Besides appearing in the latest 4th season of "Chuck" and spying around the world in search of Mama Bartowski (Linda Hamilton), Zac will be showing off some of his musical talent by singing in the Disney animated movie "Tangled". "Tangled" is based on the adventures of the hairy.. er *ahem*... fairy tale princess Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) and rakish thief Flynn Rider - who is voiced by Zac.

Check out the official trailer here:

And as if all this doesn't make him terribly busy enough, Zac has also done a few Funny or Die videos. The latest one was a Halo-pwnage video with LL "Cool" J and Snoop Dogg.

For an entertaining, positive and enthusiastic celeb news feed, Red Dot Diva doodles a nerdy Red Dot on Zachary Levi's Twitter and Facebook social network timelines. Despite his busy schedule, Zac takes time to engage his bevy of fans enough by giving sporadic shout-outs, replies and re-tweets. He's Smart, Tech-savvy, Sexy, Funny... and it's totally all-Zac.

No lies here - it would definitely be Red Dot Diva's dream to meet the lovely, giving Zac in person and somehow wrangle a blog interview with him, but till then and for now... she wishes Zachary Levi a Very Happy Birthday and hopes he will have more fun and success on his way!

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