Sunday, September 5, 2010

Start Planning Early For Comic Con 2011

Red Dot Diva says No Kidding.

Comic Con was selling tickets for 2011 during this year's convention and before the event ended, the 4-day passes with Preview Night were already sold out. Red Dot Diva knew they were selling tickets that time but wanted to focus doing other stuff than standing in line for more hours.

The organizers have now officially announced that tickets for Comic Con 2011 will go on sale on their website on 1 November.

Comic Con 2011 will be held at San Diego on July 21 - 24. If you intend to go but still not 100% sure, Red Dot Diva strongly advises you to get the passes ANYWAY!! The tickets do sell out fast and early. You will still be able to get a refund about a month before the convention.

Also, do start saving and booking your hotels early! Comic Con tried the online booking system for hotels for this year's convention around March. Unfortunately, the travel system could not handle all that traffic and crashed.

Red Dot Diva knew of quite a few friends who were early with the hotel bookings but those who accessed later received better hotels of their choice. So it may be easier to swallow the notion of high costs of hotel rooms, gather your interested friends, work out the possible shared-costs and book your choice hotel months way in advance.

Red Dot Diva is still not sure if she will be repeating the San Diego Comic Con experience in 2011 due to uncertainties in her work life but she will indeed be trying to get a 4-day pass anyway!

Good luck to hardcore and virgin con-goers when passes go on sale on 1 November!

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