Saturday, September 11, 2010

Get Lucid For A Combat Mage!

Combat mage? What's a Combat Mage??

Well Red Dot Diva says that to find out, you'd have to try to get hold of the fantasy/spy/scifi comic "Lucid" which was released in the USA on 9th September. This might not be an easy task if you are a local.

Quite a few comic stores find it difficult to really make it financially viable on our island. Kinokuniya has a large range of comics but these are mainly manga (well they are a Japanese chain of book stores after all!) and anime-related products. Comic Mart at Serene Centre, a popular hangout for many comic fans, was closed down suddenly earlier this year.

On the other hand, Comics World at Parklane - one of the oldest comic stores in Singapore - is still going strong with a pretty good range of familiar super-heroes related American titles, like Captain America, X-Men and the like. It doesn't really stock the more indie comic titles like those by Archaia Comics. Perhaps Red Dot Diva might email to the "uncle" who owns the shop and ask him about this.

After much online surfing, Red Dot Diva has found another comic store called G & B Comics that seems to stock some indie titles. And "Lucid" #1 seems to be listed in its 11th September shipment lot! So you can head to their store at Rochor Centre #02-500 to check it out!

One other alternative is to check out the TFAW website and order a copy online. Another is to get a friend in the USA to ship you a copy!

Red Dot Diva was lucky enough to nab a copy of "Lucid" at this year's Comic Con. So in case you are still unable to grasp the idea of what a Combat Mage is, Red Dot Diva is here to give you a brief summary. ;)

"Lucid" is a joint collorabation publication between Archaia Comics and Before The Door - a production company co-owned by "Star Trek" movie and "Heroes" star, Zachary Quinto. The 4-book series is written by "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian and illustrated by Anna Wieszczyk, an art student based in Poland. Red Dot Diva thinks that Asian readers will find Anna's artwork particularly familiar and enjoyable due to her close to manga-like style.

The book series is based on the adventures of rakishly handsome Matthew Dee, the "Protector of the Realm" and a descendent of ancient Arthurian magick. Basically, he's like a special 保镖 with 魔术. In this dimension of America, Matthew uses his skills to assist the President combat evil magick that is threatening to invade the land and its freedom.

Issue 1 kicks off with some fast-paced action the introduction of characters like Matthew Dee himself, an evil cult leader called Waylan Gheely and a sexy female fellow-magic casting partner, Danya Gygax. Blood was spilled at a secret facility where a Parsons Gate has been built to give some aliens entry into this world. Readers will also be introduced to a backstory about Merlin's ancient spell and extra-dimensionary beings called the Daoine Sidhe.

Due to this threat of "occult terrorism", the President decided to assign a new handler to Matthew. She is red-headed Vivian Locke who will coordinate these missions and report back to the President directly - to Matthew's chagrin.

The world of science and magic collide and a mysterious entity called The Pendragon was revealed. Who is he/ she?? Will this be the real Big Bad of the "Lucid" series?

Red Dot Diva thoroughly enjoyed reading "Lucid" #1. The premise laid out by Michael McMillian was refreshingly original and held interesting promise for storylines which will unfold in future issues. The dialogue was smart, tight and especially in Matthew's case - rather snarky.

It took Red Dot Diva about three reads to completely appreciate and grasp the unique mythology presented and she is now all ready to take on the second instalment!

Red Dot Diva casts a Red Dotted sigil for "Lucid". It is quite a standout debut for a graphic novel by first-timers Before The Door, Michael McMillian and Anna Wieszczyk.

There are more interviews and links featured in Red Dot Diva's sister blog at Zachary Quinto's Biceps. Do visit that website for juicier "Lucid" deets!

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