Thursday, September 2, 2010

Comic Con Not Enough?

Well... Red Dot Diva says there's always DragonCon this weekend - the world's largest fantasy/SF convention - held in Atlanta, Georgia!!

Some of Red Dot Diva's friends will be there and rockin' the panels and photo sessions. With several guests like Adrian Pasdar ("Heroes"), Edward James Olmos ("Battlestar Galactica"), Morena Baccarin ("V", "Firefly"), Kristin Bauer ("True Blood"), Ben Browder, Brandon Routh, Lou Ferrigno, Stan Lee and many more, there should be some more blog reports to come in soon!

There is also the New York Comic Con (NYCC) coming up in October 8 to 10, 2010!

Meanwhile, things are ramping up for our very own fledging local geeky event - the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC).

To be held at the Suntec Convention Centre on the weekend of 10-12 December 2010, 2,000 tickets are already available for sale right now! Head to the ticket registration page to buy your 1-day or 3-day passes at SGD10 and SGD30 respectively.

Tickets will be available on the event dates as well but these will cost more than the pre-sale passes on sale now.

With Reed Exhibitions taking over the running of STGCC and making it a paid event (entrance used to be free), Red Dot Diva fervently hopes that this niche-interest convention will be more focused and will grow to be one that *real* toy/games/comic fans locally and from around the region would aim to visit.

It is time that Singapore - a hub for many a business conventions and the APEC 2009 meeting - is able to host a comic con event that can parallel NYCC or SDCC for the Asia-Pacific region.

Some guests for STGCC have already been announced:
- Giuseppe Camuncoli (comic illustrator)
- Phil Yeh (cartoonist)
- Phil Ortiz (cartoonist)
- Salvador Larroca (comic illustrator)
- Simone Legno (apparel/ toy/ art designer for "Tokidoki")
- Ivan Brandon (comics writer/ editor)
- Leinil Yu (comic illustrator)
- Esad Ribic (comic creator/ illustrator)

and the organizers have hinted that there are more to come.

Animax Asia, a very popular cable channel in the region with a huge anime following, is also a key partner of STGCC. The channel will be offer special premiere screenings during the convention, including the highly anticipated anime "Nurahiyon no Ma".
Red Dot Diva and her friends have already bought their passes to STGCC and will try to cover the event as much as possible!

For those still hungry for more San Diego Comic Con news, some other fan reports relating to Zachary Quinto, Archaia Comics, Michael McMillian and Milo Ventimiglia have been posted in the ZQBiceps blog here. There are also two reports there on Leonard Nimoy's panels at the recent Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.

Red Dot Diva has also added a link to a Comic Con focused blog that has a whole lot of information. Click here for the "When Nerds Attack" blog!

Happy reading!


  1. I can't wait for STGCC! :D It's going to be so much fun! With this year being a paid event, perhaps we're one step closer to having a more professional (and crazier) geeky con to call our own.

  2. It should be fun to see how this progresses. I wanted to see how it goes with Reed taking over this year.. and access if it's worth my time next year.

    I have to confess I'm not much of a Anime fan.. so I might be skipping most of those. But toys and finding out more about comics -- why, yes! :D