Sunday, January 31, 2021

Zack Snyder's Justice League To Premiere 18 March 2021 on HBO GO (Asia)

Mention the name Zack Snyder and you will find mostly fans from both ends of the spectrums - those who are in rapturous worship of his works or those who bristle with snarky derision. He's the ultimate controversial hot button for any geek conversation concerning DC superhero movies.

Zack Snyder was working on the movie JUSTICE LEAGUE since 2016. Before he had the change to edit and finalise the film, Snyder left the production in 2017. His daughter had died by suicide, and he wanted to spend time with his family. Joss Whedon, well known for being the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the first two Avengers' movies, took over. The movie version released in the same year was a weird combination of Snyder's original take and Whedon's more colourful style. Not surprisingly, with an uneven tone given to the characters and the script, the movie did not turn out to be the box office hit that Warner Bros. had hoped.

Ardent fans of Snyder began calling for an original cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE, insisting that such a version exists. They flooded social media with the hashtag #releasetheSyndercut soon after the movie's release and continued promoting the grassroots campaign for years. Finally, on the date of JUSTICE LEAGUE'S 2nd anniversary, the fans efforts gained more traction when actors like Gal Gadot and Ben Afflect added their voices to the chorus. Synder also began posting more stills from the alternate cut.

The studio finally gave in despite pundits estimating that it would cost gazillions to produce this version. In May 2020, WarnerMedia announced that the infamous “Snyder Cut” will premiere on HBO's streaming services in the following year. The extended version of the movie would be about 4 hours long.

Since the official announcement was made, Zack Snyder has dropped a number of teasers about the feature film. Based on these “Snyder Cut” tidbits and teaser trailer, Red Dot Diva knows that there are some key differences compared to the theatrical version. These include Superman wearing his black suit, more screentime for Cyborg whom Synder declares as "the heart of the movie", the return of Kiersey Clemon's Iris West, more emotional arc for the Flash, a more heavily armoured Steppenwolf and the iconic Darkseid (who was absent in the original movie release) is back as one of the villains.

Love it or hate it, ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE now has a premiere date. Fans in Asia (*) can watch the “Snyder Cut” on HBO GO on 18 March 2021, the same time as the U.S. debut. There is also a new movie soundtrack released on WaterTower Music, featuring a score by Tom Holkenborg AKA Junkie XL.

Red Dot Diva has to confess that she likes Zack Snyder's visual impact in his DC superheroes movies. Believe it or not, she even enjoyed SUCKERPUNCH. Yes, his movies are dark and violent, mostly style over substance but ultimately, quite unforgettable. Storytelling-wise, his choices on character arcs have been unpalatable to many hardcore comic book fans. Regardless of this, Red Dot Diva feels that the Snyderverse has its place in the DCEU. Most of all, due to the circumstances in which Snyder had to leave the production of JUSTICE LEAGUE, Red Dot Diva is glad that he is now able to bring his original vision to fruition.

Like many other Snyder fans, she is very curious about how ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE will fare on her personal like to dislike scale. Adding to the intrigue is the strong support for the project from DCEU actors like Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ray Fisher and Jesse Eisenberg, as well as directors David Ayer and Damon Lindelof. She knows it is definitely going to be bigger and bolder (and loooonnger), but will it be better?

Well, if you are as curious about Red Dot Diva's thoughts on ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE, a Facebook livestream is currently being scheduled for March 2020. Joining her on the recap/ review of the widely anticipated director's cut will be her two geek buddies and DC fans, Atty and John. Look out for more announcements on this in the coming weeks!


(*) - including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan

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