Sunday, January 3, 2021

Live with Red Dot Diva's First Episode of 2021 Will Feature The Curious Unicorn

It's a new year, and a new season of Live with Red Dot Diva!

One of the best things that happened in 2020 was the decision to launch a monthly Facebook livestream featuring mainly creators and artists based in South-East Asia. During these 1-hour livestreams, Red Dot Diva and her guests participated in lively discussions on a wide range of topics like writing for horror stories, creating modern folk tales, and the current state of genre films in Red Dot Island. These interesting conversations will continue in 2021, and Red Dot Island already have the first few guests lined up for the next few months.

The first guest for 2021 will be The Curious Unicorn a.k.a. Hammy. Hammy is an independent visual development artist, graphic designer and 2D animator who is currently based in Brunei. She used to live in Los Angeles as well as in Red Dot Island. Those of you who wandered around the Singapore Comic Con 2019 Artist Alley may remember her booth selling eye-catching artwork, in an unusual wooden scaffolding setup.

Hammy's unique minimalistic art style stands out amongst the sea of more detailed comic book and manga drawings you tend to see on the internet. The lines in her artwork may seem deceptively simple, but as you admire her art for awhile longer, you will notice that they embody a sense of enigma and mystery. Some of her artwork reminds Red Dot Diva of the style used in Genndy Tartakovsky's animated series, Samurai Jack, but softer and with more surrealism infused in them.

Ever since she was back in Brunei, Hammy has been busy exhibiting in art shows, like the Anime Festival and Impiana #1.0. She is currently working on her own 2D animation project called Thea for this year's festivals, and will also be holding her own solo art exhibition called The Light Within in March 2021.

Red Dot Diva is looking forward to find out more about Hammy's artistic experiences and adventures as they discuss how curiosity of the mind comes to play when creating art. Join us for the first Live with Red Dot Diva session in 2021 on the following date and time:

DATE: 30 January 2021, Saturday

TIME: 1 PM, Singapore Time (GMT +8)




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